Writing a Song


A couple of times
He couldn’t make it rhyme
So he boogied the riff
And paused – to flick his quiff

He couldn’t make it work
So considered himself ‘a jerk’
‘Call yourself a musician?’
He mused – in recognition
Of his bad hair day
And his condition – of dismay

He thought: ‘I will try later’
Sliding from his chair like an alligator
No sooner away from the deck
and the thoughts came flooding back

Try it this way – try it that
‘C’mon man – is this all you’ve got?’
Suddenly it came to mind
As he set himself to unwind:
‘I will write the song as though
I can never have another go’

And rising to his own challenge
He at last found he could manage
A song – simple but true
It came out ‘riffy’ and blue

He smiled and marvelled at
The difference the heart’s new format
– Could make – when it came to lyrics of poetry or prose
Now – written without difficulty – I suppose?






A quick reference to what had gone before
The minutes of previous meetings

A few facts gathered
Now to present my case


Time to leave –
Neutral response

Wait to see what they
come back with

Four new suggestions from me
Four different head movements
of response

Wait it out
One two three…

and on the fourth day
The phone-call

Appear before the head-movers
To hear the politest rejection

Money for the movie?
Backing for the project?
Enthusiasm for the book?
Promotion for the product…?

It ain’t going to happen.

In response to the unpersuaded:

Some quickly fade away
Some would counsel: ‘insist’
Therefore some push on – obnoxiously
Some actually get their way
And wonder – was it all worth it?

Try again – make it more plain
Re-spin the yarn
Go for it
By hook or crook
Try belligerence…

In all of this the persuasion of the persuader
and the unpersuaded

What are you to be persuaded about today?
Of what persuasion ye be?
Persuasion can change your life
Will you be persuaded?

Who’s going to persuade you anyway?
You don’t like sales persons

“I will come to it in my own good time…”
You say

Well I won’t detain you…
Best plans of mice or men…
Rule of thumb:
Be persuaded always in a good thing.



Thoughts for the day


How many words in a thought?
Thought for the day
Hard to stop a thought for the day

I thought I might say:
‘It’s worth some thought’
(Worth thinking about)
But some thought it wasn’t

You approach the thought
In a circumspect kinda way
Is it on board as
your thought for the day?

Thought about thoughts?
Many and varied
Here – then away

You can’t record ‘em all
They are too fast
Fleeting thoughts don’t stay

You have thought about this
– right?
You and your thoughts
exclusive – not inclusive

Unless you share them
or give them away

Thoughts – where would we be
If we didn’t have thought’s company?

Penny for your thoughts
Write ‘em down
Are they grandiose?
Thought so

I will leave you with this thought:
Capture and bottle your thoughts
Make sure they are medicine
Just what the doctor ordered

But I think there’s so much more to say
About thought-life
As there are thoughts that are death
And Christ’s Life that takes ‘em away.





Slotted in at the back door
On a shelf up above
After many’s a year
Found wrapped in greaseproof

Unwrapped in a flurry of dust
There it is:

Suddenly time is suspended
The time machine of the mind
Takes off
Back I go

On the parlour floor
All laid out before my young eyes
And the instruction booklet referred to
Insurmountable diagram of parts

The building begins
The ‘mantling’ advances
For days the built
will be played with –
Before it’s ‘dis-mantling’

Model after model
Until the book is through
Hours and hours of fun
Nuts and bolts of pleasure
Coupled with mini figures
Of history past
battles played-out
and outplayed
what great
these metal ‘fixes’
of component parts
did bring.



Marathon Personality


New adventure
mounting up
(and amounting to…?)

Mountains too…
You are rising up…

Knew you would rise…
– As rising you always do

You’ve got the backbone
To persevere
And mount the obstacles
As hurdlers do

You and your
entourage of friends
Holding you up
Bearing you up
On your long charitable journey
On foot
Marathon miles
put in
You did it for this good cause
But did it – really for you

You like a challenge
– And if good comes of it
All the better

Up hill
down dale
hedges, hedgerows, fences
and stone walls

Rivers deep and wide
Narrow and cobbled
You venture on

Sore to the bone
Muscle spasms
Pain again and again
Still you motor on

I go with you
(In thought alone)

Not up for this:
Thought alone is too severe
I jest –
all the best

Great adventurer –
you will always be.

Admirers all along the way
Cheering you on
in one’s and two’s
And crowds of ‘em
and more
Hail you heartily
Embrace your good deed:
‘Marathon man

Finishing line in site
after long, long days
You reach it – embrace it
Collapse on it
but with a smile

Collect the beans
See they get to the right place
The cause of charity

You now – slow
Sit back
Breath easy
(You can you know?)

You know
the rest

won’t last

While the rest

encourage you to go again.



The Manufacturer’s Way


Silk purse from a sow’s ear
Ain’t gonna happen
Water from a stone?

Buttermilk when there’s
no butter?

Still life
of a moving target?

Over exuberant TV presenter
with nothing reserved for emphasis

Guarded words from the Magistrate
Ineffective for the closed-off criminal

You advance to engage
Make friends
Show yourself friendly

much under-estimated
because of it’s bad press

as purses and sow’s ears
don’t gel

There is always
using them for something else.

Nothing is worthless
Though you may feel that way

Let me encourage you –
Find yourself a new potter
to make you – anew

Using the clay you provide
But you must learn the manufacturer’s way

He strips down and replaces
He washes your feet to show
the alternative way
He offers the towel for you to dry
He puts you through the processes
until you come out – shining bright

And watches to see if blemishes
and need removed again

His eternal patience leaves us aghast

How can such as He
Remain with such as me?

what is man that you are mindful of him?
The Great Potter – remakes the clay

Find the manufacturer’s way



The Manicure


The man in the grey track top
leaned against the wall
and bit into his fingernail
the resultant shaving
– spat to the ground

He was not at rest
Glancing from side to side
as though expecting
something or someone
to appear

This went on for
at least five minutes
In the end he bolted
back into the forest

Frantically increasing
his speed
he dashed over branch,
grass and twig
stumbling once
his legs prevailed
to gain him one mile

Stopping –
he rested
and bit into his
other finger nail

At this rate of going
tomorrow would see
his nails manicured
to perfection.