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UNITY and harmony


face to face 2

One day Blue went for a short walk and suddenly he saw that Red too, had gone for a short walk along the Palette Promenade. He realized that a conversation would probably take place as usual.

He didn’t like red because his outlook on life was different than his. Blue was an ethereal kind of guy, he loved being up in the sky. He loved floating about up there. Blue didn’t like the ‘down to earth’  approach to things that Red always had. Red wasn’t spiritual enough for Blue. Red didn’t like the ‘pie in the sky’ attitude of Blue – and was tempted to leave him ‘black and blue’ – They fought and argued about things so much that they exhausted each other.

They couldn’t resolve their differences. Blue wanted to be cool. Red wanted to be hot.

And they almost came to blows arguing over what was more desirable.

Could it possibly be that both were right, and both were wrong? Unfortunately the thought never crossed their minds.

And then one day – The terrible truth dawned – that unless they settled their differences – they would have to leave the palette where they lived side by side – and perhaps one, or both of them would never appear in another painting together again. This terrible truth – suddenly struck home!

The thought of separating from Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple, White and Black,  – all family members, was a devastating thought. So devastating that they realized the right to be cool, and the right to be hot – was not worth it – and didn’t compare to being part of the togetherness and joy of their relationship with their fellow-family members.

Being part of the colour palette, if they allowed themselves to be mixed together with the Master Artists TOUCH – this would produce some of the most beautiful harmonies on earth. Beautiful creative pictures would emerge from their willingness – if they let their own opinions go – and yielded themselves to the Artist’s hand and wishes.

So they came back and lined up with the other colours – and gladly forgave each other – abandoning the RIGHT TO BE RIGHT – and waiting on what the Master Artist would do and work amongst them  – they had decided to be blended according to His will.


At the Fair

POEM Circa 1970
At the Fair

And so as Old Bill left the scene – the ice cream van man
Man – what cream!
And as again life’s trudge(ry) continued contented without ever thinking why,
People – ‘it takes all sorts’ – scramble like eggs…
coming from…in an ‘in and out’ fashion
The event taking place has taken place, and the coconuts no longer stand
The darts are threw and through  – through poor custom with young Tom’s unpopular scene
The dodgems are still, while some children ill, spill,
the remainder of their goodies
And last but not least the long story is short and its night.

What a World!

 what a world

“What a world!” – you’ve said it – I’ve said it.

But maybe you’re not particularly conscious of anything changing much? Maybe you haven’t clocked-in enough years to make a comparison between how things were and how they are, or have become?

During the last world war (before my time), everything had to be rationed because of the crisis of the hour.

Hardship was the experience of most. Nobody wants hardship – right? And some of us have never had it so good. But that ‘feel good factor’ can be transient.

Everything in life can come ‘under threat’. There is for example our necessary food supply. There’s necessary material needs to be met. There’s our health to be taken care of. There’s our mental and emotional well-being. All of these areas can come under some kind of ‘threat’. There’s man’s inhumanity to man to contend with. There’s the breakdown in the rule of law.

Everything and anything, can come ‘under threat’.

What makes life ‘worthwhile’?

Much of the above categories (food, material possessions, emotional needs, health etc.) get a mention when people attempt to express what makes life worthwhile. There’s also the ‘worthwhile’ boxes, of friendship and comradery to be ticked. But many can’t tick those boxes, because they remain isolated and alone.

For me it’s clear that everything under ‘threat’ – is becoming increasingly more – ‘under threat’. Stability in all aspects of life is being threatened. But maybe you don’t see this instability increasing like never before (?).

In our ‘own’ little world – we might be doing ok. And mostly that’s ok.

In the larger world we shall have tribulation, but while our comfort zone remains intact – we are doing ok.

However survival is the morning’s first ‘thought of the day’ for many. Another day to be pre-occupied with survival.

If we are in the comfort zone of our own little world – we are aware vaguely of those who are fighting for survival elsewhere – out on the perimeter somewhere.

Are things getting worse? In a word – Yes! But the increased instability is not really perceived by many, because it’s like a hidden virus at work.

We become hardened or indifferent to the bad news. We also, if we have any shred of desire to help, switch-off, because the demands are so great, we feel totally inadequate in our ability to really make a difference. So we prefer to be real, than pretend to be concerned about the overwhelming needs of countless multitudes on the earth facing the hardships of war, famine, pestilence, poverty, sickness, natural disasters and so on. It’s all too much to contemplate.

The kingdom of God spoken of in the Bible, is a spiritual kingdom. It is out of sight. It isn’t visible at first, except to the citizens of the kingdom.

It is likened to the smallest seed – planted. That grows into the biggest tree.

It’s a ‘nothing’, a non-entity to the natural mind. It dwells invisible to the ‘never had it so good’ comfort-zone mentality, it dwells unseen to those in the poverty-stricken zone, it doesn’t exist to many in the world of the ‘well-to-do’. It’s hidden to those in all walks of life and differing social strata.

It cannot be known until you hear the invitation to enter. Until a revelation of the unseen realm comes to you. And when it does and you see the King of the kingdom offering you free entrance on the condition of humility ‘God be merciful to me a sinner!’ – you see for the first time that it is an invisible kingdom running parallel with the one everybody else is born into, which is the kingdom of this world.

This kingdom of God dwells in the human spirit, where Christ dwells by invitation only. It consists of the King of the kingdom, the people of the kingdom, the rule of the kingdom.

It is entered into by faith alone.

As the tares grow in the world and manifest the works of darkness, so the wheat also grows manifesting the works of light, to those who have eyes to see. (Matthew 13/24-26)

If all, were to enter, this kingdom of God and His Christ, it would transform our outer world. It is a kingdom that exists for eternity – and consists of a society within a society, hidden from the natural eye and mind.

The people of the kingdom who live by the kingdom’s life-supply – have escaped the corruption that is in the world. It is a kingdom opposed, shunned or rejected by the visible world as being unrealistic and a fairy tale.

It is a kingdom where unfortunately those in it, do not always keep its rules to the mis-representation of the kingdom. Too many have shunned the kingdom because of its citizens and their perceived hypocrisy.

But the point of being in the kingdom is to ever carry the learner’s plate around our necks, with acknowledgement that we are a ‘work in progress’.

It’s a great revelation when we realize, that the merits of the kingdom depend solely on the character and attributes of the King of the kingdom, and not on His followers.

No man ever spoke like this man (this King). He alone has the words of eternal life, in His ‘right now’ kingdom.

In this world things will get worse and worse (e.g.: II Timothy 3/12-14).

But He says (often in a whisper) to the children of the kingdom: ‘…be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.’ John 16:33.


Ten Lepers Cleansed
11 Now it happened as He went to Jerusalem that He passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. 12 Then as He entered a certain village, there met Him ten men who were lepers, who stood afar off. 13 And they lifted up their voices and said, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”
14 So when He saw them, He said to them, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And so it was that as they went, they were cleansed.
15 And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God, 16 and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks. And he was a Samaritan.
17 So Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? 18 Were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?” 19 And He said to him, “Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well.”
(Luke 17 verses 11-19)

Different things – mean different things – to different people.
It goes without saying that no two people are the same. Not even twins.

What we value, what we consider worthwhile, differs from person to person.
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and so on…

Having said that – there is a standard that all societies incorporate into their ‘constitution’. Be it a government or a golf club.

Moral standards – expressed in laws by which we must abide.

Even a group of anarchists, or a gang in the backstreets of a large metropolis – have their codes of behaviour. Even – no law is a law – and it’s unavoidable.

These not having the law, are a law unto themselves.

Their thoughts – accuse or else excuse one another – as guided by and according to, what is often an unwritten code of practice.

But laying aside the subject of ‘law’. There’s no doubt that the thought patterns in each of our lives, due to our upbringing, life’s experiences, friends, educational background and so on – create within us an intellectual and emotional reference system from which we form our conclusions.

This is the same reference system locked in our memory bank, that causes a sound or a smell, or a déjà-vu moment that enables us to give a stamp of approval, (or not) on what we are experiencing in a given moment of time.

In other words “That smell reminds me of that wonderful holiday we had in….”

That kind of thing.

Similarly we recoil at situations we find ourselves in – because we have bad memories being triggered-off again at that moment of recall, by whatever stimulus it is at the time.

And so negative emotions arise in response to our thought life. The ‘trigger’ can be a smell, a word spoken by others, a movie we are watching, a line in a book, actions taken by others, an attitude we detect someone carrying, a piece of world news and so on.

In writing all that I have (above), a penny may drop with you.

But what I want to really refer to is the fact that everybody’s sense of value appreciation is different.

I have often given my paintings as a gift to other people. And the response, or show of appreciation for the gift has varied on a scale (let’s say:) decreasing from one to ten.

Rarely, if ever, has there been a ‘one’.

And of course it might be an interesting study to hold an interview with the person(s) who has been given a gift, to ascertain why their appreciation is a ‘one’ or an ‘eight’ or a ‘five’ etc.

I might be quite flabbergasted if I found out.

“I don’t like your work”. “I’m not really into art”. “I love it, I’m a collector of art. One of the greatest pleasures in life is collecting art works, so thanks a lot”. “I can take it or leave it”. “I don’t know much about art!” “That’s nice – how long did it take you to paint it?”

The responses come from a level of appreciation (1-10) or no appreciation at all.

What is extremely valuable, and a blessing to one person, might mean next to nothing to another, in which case their response is usually polite tolerance of the gift. We all remember the Christmas present we received, that we didn’t want or like. Why did we not want it? Why did we not like it?

The answer: because our appreciation ‘score’ regarding the gift was different than the person giving the gift, had thought.

I marvel at the fact that nine people being healed from leprosy, had so little – of an overwhelming relief and release of joy in receiving such a gift. How could they not return to give God thanks? What kind of level of appreciation did they have? Did they prefer to be sick?

Similarly how is it possible, not to return and give God, in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, thanks for this unspeakable free gift of offered salvation to all of mankind, whilst embracing and accepting it wholeheartedly for ourselves?

What we consider of value, differs from person to person.

And that’s why I sit here – so, so, so thankful for the gift I have received of Eternal Life through absolutely no merits of my own – whilst others do not have this appreciation, and have neither received the gift, nor appreciate what the fuss is all about.

…the TRUTH

…..the TRUTH…
It’s quite some time since I launched an internet site. It was named ‘Seeds In Motion’. The name simply referring to words – released through the air – to land and be planted in the soil of the human mind. Then came the day when I closed it down.
I have now amateurishly stumbled on this ‘other’ means of expression. The Blog.
Now I join the ‘countless’ multitudes communicating in all the latest ways to their public, (sic).
I have often thought of the motivation of the human heart and mind – why do we communicate to others?
Of course there is no ‘one answer’ to this query. But basically it comes from human desire – sometimes it is a righteous desire, sometimes an unrighteous desire, that motivates us to communicate with others.
For the con-man – he communicates to manipulate or control or to ‘advantage’ himself over others, to fulfil some selfish desire or to feather his own nest.
For the artist, musician, writer, actor or ‘cultural communicator’ – there is something inside that desires the appreciation of others. When we consider ourselves good at something, we wish to share it, and to let the world know. “You have a great talent – you should use it”.
This opens us to negative as well as positive responses to our communication. Rothko was ultra-sensitive in releasing his paintings to the insensitive masses.
In our hope for humility, we shun the idea of being self-absorbed, egoistical, and yet in planning to be as honest as we can, and admitting we get a buzz from the appreciation of others, we offer what we have in the hope or belief that it is good.
But there is another motivation unique to the professing Christian. It is a desire to please the one we have made Lord and Master of our lives. To the unbelieving and sceptical, this is ‘pie in the sky’.
To we who have believed – the gospel communicated, is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone who believes.
So the gospel of Jesus Christ is communicated – that others might believe.
Now ego or the adulation of the crowd as our motivation in what we say or do – is replaced (by choice of will) with a desire to please God, and speak His truth.
In this country, in order to convince someone of the truth we speak, there is an oft repeated phrase (though come to think of it – it’s been a while since I heard it). The phrase is: “That’s the God’s honest truth!” Exclaimed in order to convince the doubter of our truth.
But it can’t be ‘our’ truth. The truth is the truth. It can’t be ‘our’ truth. You have your truth and I have mine. No – I’m afraid not.
We may differ over what we as individuals believe to be the truth – but logic dictates that the truth is the truth.
Jesus said: ‘I am the Truth…”
Truth by definition can only be – the truth. Not our idea of truth or your opinion versus mine.
Pilate who sought to wash his hands of the truth, asked: “What is truth?”
Jesus had already answered that question.
But what if the lie is believed to be the truth? And those believing the lie, refuse to forsake the lie for the truth? We can of course, genuinely make the mistake of believing a lie. If we discover we have done so – an apology would be appropriate. Which is exactly what God the Father and God The Son – asks for – first. Before anything else, God wants mankind to admit he has believed the lie. In so doing man turns to face the truth.
The idea of this blog is to take the truth very seriously, and to share it without seeking to win verbal battles, or point the finger in debate. That’s an option open to anyone, who holds what they believe to be the truth. But when arguments ensue – it only confirms the truth that man cannot agree. Communicating with some humility might be a better idea.
Where we go from there, i.e. from a place of disagreement – I believe is to turn to the higher wisdom and logic of the great arbitrator of truth – one who made sure that the book of the truth has survived. When we disagree about what is in the book and what it means – we need the author Himself to step in and provide revelation of the truth. Such revelation given to two people at the same time, will disperse – or dispense with – the lies, as they together discover the truth setting them free, in unity and agreement.

Other things on this blog, may not refer to the ultimate truth, and are therefore a matter of opinion or taste or choice, or individual preference and are not necessarily to be taken as seriously as the truth.
You will know The Truth and it will make you free, when you know Him.