…the TRUTH

…..the TRUTH…
It’s quite some time since I launched an internet site. It was named ‘Seeds In Motion’. The name simply referring to words – released through the air – to land and be planted in the soil of the human mind. Then came the day when I closed it down.
I have now amateurishly stumbled on this ‘other’ means of expression. The Blog.
Now I join the ‘countless’ multitudes communicating in all the latest ways to their public, (sic).
I have often thought of the motivation of the human heart and mind – why do we communicate to others?
Of course there is no ‘one answer’ to this query. But basically it comes from human desire – sometimes it is a righteous desire, sometimes an unrighteous desire, that motivates us to communicate with others.
For the con-man – he communicates to manipulate or control or to ‘advantage’ himself over others, to fulfil some selfish desire or to feather his own nest.
For the artist, musician, writer, actor or ‘cultural communicator’ – there is something inside that desires the appreciation of others. When we consider ourselves good at something, we wish to share it, and to let the world know. “You have a great talent – you should use it”.
This opens us to negative as well as positive responses to our communication. Rothko was ultra-sensitive in releasing his paintings to the insensitive masses.
In our hope for humility, we shun the idea of being self-absorbed, egoistical, and yet in planning to be as honest as we can, and admitting we get a buzz from the appreciation of others, we offer what we have in the hope or belief that it is good.
But there is another motivation unique to the professing Christian. It is a desire to please the one we have made Lord and Master of our lives. To the unbelieving and sceptical, this is ‘pie in the sky’.
To we who have believed – the gospel communicated, is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone who believes.
So the gospel of Jesus Christ is communicated – that others might believe.
Now ego or the adulation of the crowd as our motivation in what we say or do – is replaced (by choice of will) with a desire to please God, and speak His truth.
In this country, in order to convince someone of the truth we speak, there is an oft repeated phrase (though come to think of it – it’s been a while since I heard it). The phrase is: “That’s the God’s honest truth!” Exclaimed in order to convince the doubter of our truth.
But it can’t be ‘our’ truth. The truth is the truth. It can’t be ‘our’ truth. You have your truth and I have mine. No – I’m afraid not.
We may differ over what we as individuals believe to be the truth – but logic dictates that the truth is the truth.
Jesus said: ‘I am the Truth…”
Truth by definition can only be – the truth. Not our idea of truth or your opinion versus mine.
Pilate who sought to wash his hands of the truth, asked: “What is truth?”
Jesus had already answered that question.
But what if the lie is believed to be the truth? And those believing the lie, refuse to forsake the lie for the truth? We can of course, genuinely make the mistake of believing a lie. If we discover we have done so – an apology would be appropriate. Which is exactly what God the Father and God The Son – asks for – first. Before anything else, God wants mankind to admit he has believed the lie. In so doing man turns to face the truth.
The idea of this blog is to take the truth very seriously, and to share it without seeking to win verbal battles, or point the finger in debate. That’s an option open to anyone, who holds what they believe to be the truth. But when arguments ensue – it only confirms the truth that man cannot agree. Communicating with some humility might be a better idea.
Where we go from there, i.e. from a place of disagreement – I believe is to turn to the higher wisdom and logic of the great arbitrator of truth – one who made sure that the book of the truth has survived. When we disagree about what is in the book and what it means – we need the author Himself to step in and provide revelation of the truth. Such revelation given to two people at the same time, will disperse – or dispense with – the lies, as they together discover the truth setting them free, in unity and agreement.

Other things on this blog, may not refer to the ultimate truth, and are therefore a matter of opinion or taste or choice, or individual preference and are not necessarily to be taken as seriously as the truth.
You will know The Truth and it will make you free, when you know Him.


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