At the Fair

POEM Circa 1970
At the Fair

And so as Old Bill left the scene – the ice cream van man
Man – what cream!
And as again life’s trudge(ry) continued contented without ever thinking why,
People – ‘it takes all sorts’ – scramble like eggs…
coming from…in an ‘in and out’ fashion
The event taking place has taken place, and the coconuts no longer stand
The darts are threw and through  – through poor custom with young Tom’s unpopular scene
The dodgems are still, while some children ill, spill,
the remainder of their goodies
And last but not least the long story is short and its night.


2 thoughts on “At the Fair

  1. I like this poem very much, Ken. It’s full of striking imagery ‘people scramble like eggs’ etc, and clever use of puns and it paints a vivid picture which brings back memories everyone has and at the same time punches hard in the last line to make the reader think. Keep writing!


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