UNITY and harmony


face to face 2

One day Blue went for a short walk and suddenly he saw that Red too, had gone for a short walk along the Palette Promenade. He realized that a conversation would probably take place as usual.

He didn’t like red because his outlook on life was different than his. Blue was an ethereal kind of guy, he loved being up in the sky. He loved floating about up there. Blue didn’t like the ‘down to earth’  approach to things that Red always had. Red wasn’t spiritual enough for Blue. Red didn’t like the ‘pie in the sky’ attitude of Blue – and was tempted to leave him ‘black and blue’ – They fought and argued about things so much that they exhausted each other.

They couldn’t resolve their differences. Blue wanted to be cool. Red wanted to be hot.

And they almost came to blows arguing over what was more desirable.

Could it possibly be that both were right, and both were wrong? Unfortunately the thought never crossed their minds.

And then one day – The terrible truth dawned – that unless they settled their differences – they would have to leave the palette where they lived side by side – and perhaps one, or both of them would never appear in another painting together again. This terrible truth – suddenly struck home!

The thought of separating from Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple, White and Black,  – all family members, was a devastating thought. So devastating that they realized the right to be cool, and the right to be hot – was not worth it – and didn’t compare to being part of the togetherness and joy of their relationship with their fellow-family members.

Being part of the colour palette, if they allowed themselves to be mixed together with the Master Artists TOUCH – this would produce some of the most beautiful harmonies on earth. Beautiful creative pictures would emerge from their willingness – if they let their own opinions go – and yielded themselves to the Artist’s hand and wishes.

So they came back and lined up with the other colours – and gladly forgave each other – abandoning the RIGHT TO BE RIGHT – and waiting on what the Master Artist would do and work amongst them  – they had decided to be blended according to His will.


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