Coffee Cafe Creations for Conversations


Paintings or drawings hanging on coffee shop walls.

Perhaps some aspiring young artist – ‘hanging in hope’, sharing with a passing world.

They are straight out of the head and heart onto the paper.

I always think the Cafe/Coffee bar experience is sweet.

Each of us inhabiting our square, round or oblong little island on the cafe floor, alone with our thoughts, or sharing with a friend or friends the business of the day.

As we eat, drink and talk there are little interludes when our eyes wander to the wall and rest on the artist’s unique contribution to the decor.

We leave sometimes, without giving the images a second thought. For a few moments though there’s the possibility we might want to engage more fully with the work or make a new friend of the artist. The life of a painting or drawing nevertheless gets your eye and mind working, if allowed to, and they may salvage a subjectless or redundant conversation you are trying to have with friend or acquaintance.

Thanks for the second glance.


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