The Tree

THE TREE (2015)
On the outskirts of town
There stood an immense tree.
Immensely impressive, it towered over
The bleak, dank, forest, of outstretched family branches
It was not a graphic artist’s video game invention
Nor a Lord of the Rings character of characters –
Trees that came alive.
This was real, shrouded in no mist,
Unromantic and set apart,
Not meeting the needs of the poet’s muse,
No descriptive word-smithing to inspire,
Just a ginormous block of wood,
All tree’d up in expected fashion,
With wizened bark and twisted branch
Laid bare for all to see.
This was the tree of trees,
Grown too large it seemed to me
But here…
you have it…
Better felt than telt.


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