Blogging and/or Face to Face



A few simple thoughts:

There’s plenty to fill one’s day – isn’t there?
So where does blogging come into it?

I’m still a greenhorn when it comes to
the technical side.
But actually I like the simplicity of how things look/appear on this blog (least at the moment).

It’s interesting how all bloggers have an obvious common denominator – we like our blog to be read, and hope, (I’ve noticed) by perhaps a clever line or quirky attention getter, we might get more traffic?
I know this is a minor point for those who have the promotional side of things sewn up, – I certainly haven’t. But I prefer to take my foot off the gas.

As I write I’m aware of many things I could be doing to increase traffic, but I’m in no hurry. Anybody else?
I know this isn’t how it’s supposed to work, but I don’t fancy getting too ‘frantic’ about the whole thing.

If you are like me on discovering a word, words, title, subject etc. that I don’t warm to, in someone’s blog – I ‘quickly’ move on to something else, abandoning the persons contribution. So I guess I’m on the receiving end of that too.🤓

We move on especially if we have only a spare moment to meander.

I think what strikes me is how many people are into blogging. So many want to express themselves. It’s part of being human. I do wonder what will happen to face to face – but kind of conclude that, just as it is an inbuilt desire to want to communicate in writing.
Likewise it is a human need and a must, that we meet-up (non-virtual(ly) and socialise with our fellow human beings, at gatherings etc.

In my country I have watched what is I imagine the European influence – and how coffee bars/shops/cafes have taken the place of pubs in our society. Mostly a good thing, I reckon, as it means less people leave with a spinning head as they fall out of the premises.😏

Here’s – to good relationships, real or virtual.
Have a good day.


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