A Second Look

EYES copyjpeg

It’s a world of clamour.

Many crave attention, and are not satisfied unless they are getting it perpetually. We used to call them spoiled children.

Others try to get our attention, in order to convince us of how necessary their product is, if we are to live (sic.).

Ideologies vie for our attention – a blogger who happens to have as his theme the subject of truth – seemingly too – vies for your attention, (yours truly…).

But for us all – it remains a difficult job sorting the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to what we should take under our notice, and eventually on board, in our lives or into our lifestyle.

In other words, choosing what or who to give our attention to.

I visited New York and (the thing I’d saw so many do in movies) – vying for the attention of a taxi driver – I did – and successfully climbed on board.

By so doing any TV series I had seen as a child were re-run in my adult brain.

I was left reflecting on how I enjoyed my imaginary America, based on those TV series.

Perhaps, I enjoyed the ‘TV’ America more than the real place.(?)

We can visit the real place or the place of and in, our imaginations. The two are not necessarily the same.

So the real or the false. The truth or the lie.
The fact or fantasy, the fairy tale or the real.

It reminds me of the proverbial example – of the fisherman’s report of the catch of a specimen fish, that starts off – a truthful weight and size but increases into a lie by the time it reaches the third or fourth telling of the story.

One thing we can do is to try and safeguard ourselves from error. By taking a second look for greater discernment’s sake – in doing so there is a greater possibility also, that we won’t miss what is worthwhile and might revolutionise us to the very core of our being.

In a short story on a page in this blog I refer to the fact that the character in ‘A Time Surpassing’ noticed for the first time, his out-of-hand dismissal of anything Christian. He hadn’t noticed his own dismissiveness before.

Can I suggest that the real and the false are worth considering when it comes to coming to any conclusions regarding that subject, and indeed any other?
Of course with or without the second look, we shall miss things worthwhile considering.

In that, none of us are alone. Guess we just need to walk as circumspectly as we can.

Blessings to you if you are in any way on the trail of truth.


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