Perfect World


Many years ago I met a schoolteacher and poet, who was a short lived role-model to me. Short-lived in the sense that our friendship faded, before it had properly begun, simply because we lived on different land masses. But he nicknamed me: Brother Conundrum (my name is Riddles so you can see why I was so named).

So living up to my name here is a Conundrum of sorts:

Supposing one (on behalf of the human race) could press a button and make the world perfect? The world being everything and everyone in it.

I can’t write another sentence, because already there’s problems.

See how quickly we get into problems?
What problems?
Well, what does perfect mean?

Now we have diversity of opinion already creeping in.

And pressing this button needs to be a unanimous decision.

How can we read from the same hymn sheet together? Some people don’t even believe in hymns, therefore as far as they are concerned, hymn sheets are not necessary – from which to read in unity in the first place.

Now consequently, – we must of necessity – debate or reason together, before we press the button, because everyone has a different idea of what is going to happen, what with our ideas of perfection differing so much.

We can’t even bring algebra into the equation, to help solve the dilemma.

X = perfection etc., because we don’t agree on what perfection means, so can’t formulate an end result.

We can’t move on in unity, and agree to press the button.

In fact we don’t want the button, because nobody sees perfection the same way, therefore pressing it would not be an option, because our differences of opinion as to what desired perfection is, produces lack of agreement and therefore stops us pressing any such button.
Most buttons, in the twentieth century, referred to the nuclear buttons that (it was said) could be pressed to end the world, rather than make it a place of perfection.

So the ‘20th Century’ buttons were there to take us in the opposite direction, to bring the earth to it’s end, rather
than perfecting it.

So much for buttons, then. Dumb idea anyway (?)

We could always agree in a ‘pseudo’ way. That is, pretend that we all agree and see ‘perfectly’ what perfection is. But of course this is not real.

We can’t press this button in united agreement, if the promised perfection is not what you or I had in mind.

We could agree to differ and simply press the button anyway and see what happens, just take the consequences as they come.

Whatever perfection entails – we’ll take it – kind of idea.

Rather like purchasing something in a shop that wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but because there were none of what we wanted exactly, in stock – we will go for the other option offered.

A perfect world.
My oh my!
Sounds like heaven to me.

A one-world-anything is never going to exist – not perfectly anyway. Because it entails imperfection.
What is meant by imperfection?

Uh-oh – here we go again!


Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.


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