Cerebral Fingertip Conduiting

the hand that made em is copy

A few thoughts…
We are familiar with the line: ‘The day the music died’.
And periodically many affirm that ‘painting has also died’.

Post-Modernism has been around for a while.

Cerebral Art, has moved to the front of the stage ever since perhaps, Marcel Duchamp abandoned the painterly approach.

When it comes to Modernism and Post-Modernism I suggest it shouldn’t be a case of either/or but elements of both intermingling – in defiance of ‘ism-ism’.

Conceptualism, – as in conceptual art – is like the younger trying to replace the older, but forced to turn to and ask the older – questions it doesn’t know the answer to.

I’m sure if we ask around, some good Art Historians will be able to tell us how seamless or otherwise they reckon the transition ‘tween Modern and Post-Modern has been.

It is possible that good conceptualism could leave us bored with painting, but (I suggest) will not lead us to it’s demise.

The motivation of wanting to create in a fresh way, may cause us to abandon the well-worn paths, and choices, involving ancient means of expression.

But is it not so, that the new path becomes the old path very quickly, and the subsequent new-new path is the old from a different angle?

An offered opinion might be that the arm-hand-fingers
co-ordination is, – if not the only, – then still the best or most direct means of expressing the creativity of the mind. More instant even than the camera, if one is to include the idea of immediate contact with the material, ground, paper or canvas, on which art appears.

The hand of God created.

The hand and eye of the artist is the ‘contact point’ between the internal and the external.

But is there any difference in art making between ‘ready made’ placement and mark making? i.e. is not the placement of the object equally instant in the conceptual ‘construction’?

Yes, but it has not come-out-of the end of the fingertips. The hand simply placed it, unless of course the piece of art includes some kind of hand ‘crafting’, or constructing.

As swimming will always include the backstroke, smiling will always include the lips, sneezing will always include pre-sneeze breathing, the paintbrush will always include the hairs, so, for example, the pencil will always conduit the brain and fingertips for instant expression.

If something doesn’t cease to exist, it will legitimately continue to be used.

I guess it’s constant and perpetual this drawing/painting/sculpting business – as long as fingertips remain.

So the next time you blog, write, draw, paint or sculpt – the brain, eye, arm, hand, fingertips – conduiting – will take place.

I am not negating conceptual art just suggesting that painting will remain as long as man remains.

(I wrote this – musing on the need to re-affirm, and legitimise painting to my own mind, in the light of all the modern means of image making. Having finished writing it, I checked online to see if it is still being debated on the internet elsewhere as an ongoing, discussion. It is – but some are suggesting the discussion is now defunct).😀


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