Are you possibly in here somewhere?


Are you possibly in here somewhere?

This could be an individual description of a bunch of folks in a club, workforce, team, reality show et al.

Or it could be the copied and pasted descriptions of characters scattered throughout some fiction novel, cut and pasted onto one page.
Or it could be some kind of general categorisation of people ‘types’.
Or it could be you?

What would be the point of it, if we suddenly heard ourselves described by an unknown stranger who happens to stumble unbeknown to himself, upon an almost perfect description of our internal self, and writes it in blog form?

Would it instruct us, motivate us to move forward, get us into fresh decision making, or discourage us by it’s unplanned accuracy?

And what if part of us resents it?

The guy writing the description, doesn’t know you from Adam and yet he describes you, and unknowingly mentions things you would rather keep personal, or not face up to.

Would it not be ridiculous to get mad at him? He is not addressing you. He doesn’t know you. It’s impossible that he is out to get you. He takes no pleasure in exposing your weakness.

He doesn’t know who he is addressing, how can he have any pre-meditated intentions? He has no idea what applies to whom.

And yet you know he is speaking to you.
He doesn’t know – but you do.
So he can take no responsibility for it, it’s accuracy or otherwise, as he has never met you.

This is rather like how God works – EXCEPT – and it’s a big EXCEPT…

God does know you. The all-seeing eye of His personality looks deep within every human on the face of the planet.
Nothing is hidden from His sight.

Hebrews 4:13
And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

Now, it takes quite a bit of mental adjusting to move from our concept of how WE think God should be, work, or speak – and move into how He has actually chosen to be, work or speak.

We can resent it all we want, and even disagree with how He is – but it isn’t going to change – the way He is.

So we need to internally adjust to the facts, and not expect the God of our imagination to be anything other than the God of our imagination!

With me so far?

Well, there you have it! That’s one reason many miss it!
He isn’t conformed to our way of thinking. But wants us to be conformed to His.
Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

So initially we can’t prove what is acceptable to Him. Because we want Him to be conformed to what we think. Rather than we – conformed to how He thinks.

A lot of people think God is the figment of an individual’s own personal imagination and therefore He is whatever they imagine or ‘make-up’.

Whereas what I am saying is No – it’s because of what we ‘make up’ in our brains that we are hindered from finding Him.

You and I may think God should be ‘this that or the other’ or should ‘think and act this way, that way, or the other’ in so doing, we fail to realise how He actually does think and work.

Jesus Christ still speaks to His creation. Now think of how your mindset responds to this idea. (?)

You see no evidence that He still speaks, because it doesn’t ‘fit in’ with your present way of thinking and seeing things.

You have opinions on the subject of God. Those opinions, you do not wish to have challenged. They will disturb your safety zone of partial conclusions. But it would be good if you allowed them to be challenged by God’s Word.

Here are those copied and pasted ‘types’. See what you think.
No. 1.
You do not have the time to think of the God question. You are too busy getting on with life, and have no time for anyone preaching the gospel or any other kind of message. You are happy as you are. You love culture and enjoy the things you can see, smell, touch and feel. And so that’s that. You enjoy your job, love your family and your gadgets on which you text, speak, blog, communicate and enjoy entertainment. So thanks – but no thanks. You have no time for ‘religion’.
No. 2.
You are heartbroken, – yet another failed relationship. Yet another person has let you down, hurt you, destroyed the trust you had in them. The pain is real and fresh and it seems like the emotional part of you is seeking to dominate your thought life and actions. You have lost your appetite for things you enjoyed. And right now you don’t want another romantic relationship.
This is now – how many times that this has happened?
“The spiritual side of things? I can’t bring my mind to consider such abstract ‘unrealities’ “.
No. 3.
You have travelled around the world in your head regarding religious/philosophical new age creeds, practices, ways of looking at things. None of it makes sense or fits. From polytheism to monotheism, transcendental ‘mediterranean’ to who knows what…of hodgepodge cult and religious investigation, including some forms of so-called Christianity. And instead, you have settled for four favourite programmes on television, a few pints of beer, and physical exercise to keep you alive ’til you die.
No. 4.
You have a respect for Christianity, because of your upbringing. You liked the order it gave to your life, as you conformed religiously (but not with reality) to the ‘dictates’ of your parents. It was put into you from childhood, and you tried to be submissive. But much as you believe in God you know that the devil also believes in Him. So where to go from here?
‘No I can’t really go down that road again, as it has been fruitless up to now’. So you try to live a moral life, but at present your job and your family take priority (justifiably you think) over any spiritual quest you might have been on, in the past.
No. 5.
For you there are too many unanswered questions. If God is a loving God, why does all the horrible things happen in the world? Some in the name of religion. There are too many contradictions, too much hypocrisy, and you can’t give time to pie in the sky dogmatists who like to preach write or blog about Christianity. There is no God anyway. Prove it, if there is.
I tell you: ‘The fool has said in his heart: There is no God’. But you respond: ‘So now you are calling me a fool?’
No. 6.
You are of an age now where you’ve been there and bought the T shirt on most of these religious explorations, and as far as you are concerned there is a fence you must sit on for the remainder of your days. ‘Trying to make up my mind, but it is so hard to find, so I’m sittin’ on a fence’. Your not anti-God, but you are not all that excited anymore about getting to know Him. You have drifted into no man’s land about the whole deal.

Well that’s my short list of ‘types’, I could go on, but the half dozen is a place to stop.

I started to paste a booklet on a page in my blog. It’s entitled ‘A Time surpassing’. It’s an attempt to put fact and fiction together to speak the truth. The booklet is not up for critical acclaim, not even acceptance in some literary way.

But it tries to plant a seed-thought of possibility in your mind that you might recognise.
It’s in the hope that you might say: ’I’ve had that thought too’, – (as discovered in the character in the story) – and in so doing you might progress from there to seeking and indeed pursuing the truth until you find it. Until it becomes more than a theological opinion. But rather a supernatural encounter with the Living God in the person of Christ.

Throughout my writing on Christianity, I affirm, based on my own experience, that finding Jesus Christ is a reality.
I can’t talk you into that experience. I can hopefully guide you, based on the word of God. But unless you pursue….

So what’s the purpose of this blogging exercise? Well I guess the reason for it is two-fold:
1) to get us to realise that we need to change our way of thinking in order to even begin to search for this experience I’m referring to, and
2) to encourage others to find God’s ordained way of revealing Himself, as they get past their pre-suppositions.

Try searching for information outside of yourself. You will find it in the New King James Version, New Testament of the Holy Bible. Find God’s perspective, way of working, message to you that knocks at the door of your heart and mind, seeking entrance.

Isaiah 55:8
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts.


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