Temptation (of a youth)

Matthew 4:1
[ Satan Tempts Jesus ] Then Jesus was led
up by the Spirit into the wilderness
to be tempted by the devil.

(of a youth)

I started to walk
Hunched over
Head set
All turmoil within
Proceeded inwardly backwards
as I forward went
To some music place
Some dance hall
Some people to look at
To greet
To get to know

But knowing I had been translated
into another place
Checking back was not an option
Least not to lower nature’s indulgence

Still young.
many a laugh would say

But I knew better
No exchange of dirty water
when you’ve got the clean

I walked all the way
Stood outside the door
Turmoil subsided
Reason and conscience returned
And reality
And with no deception
And feeling good
And glad of victory
And wanting to get back
I went back – to where I now belonged.


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