Beyond the Surface


There are so called religious books that I am unfamiliar with. Unfamiliar with their content, I mean.

So I could be accused of wrongly dismissing them as unimportant to my spiritual life.

I’m aware of this, and though reading these would need to fulfil a purpose before I would do so, I realise when I encourage others to read the Bible, that they might use a similar excuse to the one I would use for not reading these other books.

That aside – I encourage you to read the Bible!😀

I remember a line in a song in an old movie, a song sung by Fred Astaire: “We joined the navy to see the world, and what did we see? – we saw the sea”

When we look at the surface of the sea, we see it in all it’s movement and power. ‘But yi ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’
Because it goes on for miles and miles, and of course the depth of the ocean (two-thirds covering the earth) is deeper than our eyes can take in.

As we plunge into the sea, there is a chance we will come to a greater understanding and experience of what it is really like, and the fathomless depths will come into our experience in a greater way.

But I can’t swim! So my chance of experiencing it, are limited to say the least.

When you look at the surface of the Bible, you can be robbed of it’s depth, and treat it wrongly as only the words of men.

Through failing to go beyond the surface we are left with a limited perspective. Because I can’t swim and have no desire to do so, I am robbed of that experience, and will be, for the rest of my life.

But let’s face it there are priorities in life. I’ve got my priorities right. 😀

Reading the Bible or learning to swim? What’s it gonna be?

The Olympic champion tells me – learn to swim!
The lay preacher says – read your Bible.
I know that both would be a good idea!😀

But returning to the metaphor – when we read a sentence in the scriptures that expresses the mind of God – we can read and form an opinion based on ‘we saw the sea’ – rather than experiencing it’s depth.

To experience the depth and actual revelation of what we are reading, we must be prepared to plunge its depths by meditation, until it actually gives us spiritual life and spiritual understanding.

1 Timothy 4:15
Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.


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