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Well here we are over 6 months later – still blogging.
Getting a flavour of the personalities I am both following and being followed by.

The old saying or sentence starter…: “I could tell you a thing or two about that…” Comes to mind as I’m still a greenhorn when it comes to the technical side of blogging.

And there are many I see who have been blogging much longer than I and I’m sure could ‘tell me a thing or two…’

I fit that category of person who will learn the technical side as a means to an end. But who, I’m afraid, is not overly excited by having to do so.

I’m recognising that the reasons we visit someone’s blog, can be quite diverse.

There are those who love to quote others on their blog, those who love to let us in – on their everyday ‘ordinary’ happenings.
Those who love to enthuse over their travelling plans, those who are visually motivated whether its art, art-photography, or by sights plus sounds etc.

Then we have literature folk, who share their poems, stories, books, fiction. Then there are those who blog as a means of selling their wares, or providing a service.

Those who share humour, or defend their cause, those who are politically motivated and expound their opinion. Then there are those who specialise in a passion from flowers to pets. Enjoyment and sharing about family in a daily diary, rings some people’s bell.

Then there’s sharing in a Miscellaneous way – for me its truth and art (as you know), motivated by responsibility and enjoyment. (Any other reasons for blogging that I have missed? Let me know if you wish).

There certainly is diversity in the eclectic mix of personalities circumstances and lives.

And I guess we are into blogging to be heard, make friends, learn, find out, exchange ideas, appreciate viewpoints.

Sometimes when visiting a blog we quietly – internally, disagree and move on, or quickly exit from things we find unpalatable, then again we enthuse over pieces of art, enjoy literature, hopefully rejoice over what is good, and eschew evil.

I suppose we get lost too. By that I mean – how many people are blogging? Wow – that many? So there you are – in the multitude of ‘counsellors’, heard by a few.

And it all comes back to something I mentioned a while ago – the simple human need to communicate, and hopefully be appreciated.

Here’s a poem that refers to my pre-teen childhood when of course, texting, mobile-phoning, blogging, didn’t exist and our means of communication was to engage orally, exchanging rhymes on the street, when we would wax lyrical as a means of passing the time and entertaining each other, when taking a break from ‘cowboys and indians’, climbing onto rooftops, and kicking a ball.

Looking through a frosted glass
I thought I recognised a couple who passed
I knew the guy from past acquaintance
The relationship having lost its maintenance.
I guess they were – what you categorise as happy times
Consisting of daily preoccupation with our rhymes
(I knew the guy and not his other half).
We sat in the street, making one-liners for a laugh
Exchanging silliness, with lines a dime a dozen.
The odd one out was his cousin,
Who joined us from time to time but who
Just didn’t get it, wasn’t part of the poetic crew
Part of the foolish, laughable idiotic speech
That children engage in and adults can’t teach
Made up words galore, new languages to explore
Not an ounce of sense did it make
But it was all done for laugh’s sake
‘Chen chen riddly bum, Gurnsily goo, Gurnsily toms’
With Edward Lear, it would have gone down a bomb
Ridiculous speech, now mostly forgotten, but a picture remains
Of sitting, hunkered-down adding and adding to the chains
I remember him and wonder where he might be
As the passing couple I couldn’t really see


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