“Have you seen anything else you might like?”

SMILE“Can I help you?”

I wonder, have you ever noticed the different ways a sales person can approach you in a shop?

For some they ‘land’ on you, right away, before you get your head turned enough to enable your eyes to view the products in the store.

Others, kind of smile from a distance, and hopefully greet you with “Good morning – nice morning – how are you today?” or other such welcome pleasantries.

Some exclaim across the room: “Give me a shout if you need anything…” (I quite like that one).

But the ‘high-powered’ types have already decided what you are looking for and immediately launch into an exposition of why the green, all weather, expertly made, well-lined top of the range raincoat with detachable hood is exactly what you are looking for.

You try to explain it is a scarf you are actually in the store to purchase.

There is so much to be bought on-line now, that one wonders if the sales person’s role will change to that of the ‘copy writer’. In my opinion that will be a sorry day, another blow for inter-personal relationships, of the face to face kind.

There are techniques that sales person’s use to try to win the day and get you to use your credit/debit card in purchasing the most expensive scarf in the shop.
But for me the honest and sincere approach, encourages me to buy.

The responsive approach, rather than the offensive one.

I want them to tell me the truth. I don’t mind their enthusiasm about the green, top of the range, coat. Especially if they have listened to me describing the one I am looking for.

I don’t mind them being convinced that the green coat is the one to buy. Especially when they have listened to the facts that have motivated me to buy an overcoat and a scarf for fishing on a wet windy day.

I’m ok with them sincerely believing that I can’t go wrong in paying the extra 30 euros for the one they recommend.

But I won’t be interested in purchasing anything, unless they take a ‘back-off’ approach, that takes it for granted that I have enough intelligence to be able to see-through any psychological sales techniques, (bullying) they might be tempted to use.

They have to make sales – that is their job. Why not take it for granted that the customer knows this, as much as they do, and alter their behaviour and approach appropriately?

And whether the customer is sympathetic to their need of sales commissions, or not, – will depend on their ‘hang loose’ approach or lack of it.
(In my case anyway, and you…?)

So in light of this example where do we all stand when it comes to blogging?

I wouldn’t like to think that I’m the ‘high pressure’ lay preacher type. Or that you are the greedy blogger who wants everyone to view your blog only.

It is true that we are all free to choose.

And, like you I appreciate people dropping by to view the contents of seedsinmotiontruthnart, (as you do – your own personal blog).

It’s good to state this, and affirm that it’s a case of:

“I would like you to look around the whole of the blog. Taking the time to explore, to stop and consider, or move on – you are free to do so, without sales talk.

However you and I desire people to take our stuff on board, let’s be honest about that”.

We have the hope that what is shared on our blog, will help the reader, – nudge them in the direction of what is beneficial to their lives in a major or minor way.

Someone recently re-blogged an older post of their’s. The explanation they gave was that it didn’t get enough exposure, enough likes I suppose they meant.
And they seemed rather proud of that particular post.

And I can understand this.

For all kinds of reasons we miss perhaps what is one of the best pieces on the blog, and I’m not sure e.g. that everyone will go to the ‘OLDER POSTS’ category in case they miss something. Or to ‘pages’ for the same reason (?).

What we are interested in of course can determine whether we explore fully or depart from anyone’s blog.

And you and I don’t need to behold the ‘coat’ instead of the ‘scarf’, the thing we really need.

But of course if we don’t look around the shop we might miss a ‘bargain’. And if we hear a direction to ‘give me a shout if you need anything’, it’s nice to know someone is there to help.

So if when you look at an older post, or page, because there might be something there that fits – give me a shout (my email address is in ‘About’).😎

Oh and before you leave the ‘shop’ – did you get the ‘scarf’ you were looking for? And “Have you seen anything else you might like?”😀



4 thoughts on ““Have you seen anything else you might like?”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this!

    I, like you, am the patron who appreciates the laid back sales clerk. I like to browse even if I knew what I want I enjoy a good browse so having them in my face ruins the whole experience 😦

    And re blogging:
    I’ve figured out a little workaround for my malfunctioning tabs so blogs that speak ‘about me’ will be tagged as such and show up when the ‘About’ tab is clicked. I’ll also post the actual About info as a blog post and tag it that way too. Isn’t technology fun? 😀


  2. Thanks for responding. My favourite browsing experience is in ‘charity shops’ (that’s what we call ’em) – they leave you alone there to do so 😀
    Interesting tip too – take care KR


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