Fad, Fashion or more?

moonSun Down or Moon Rise?

Latest fashion. Latest fad. In art, in music, in clothes, in decor, in drama, in television, in sport – IN LIFE.

With the latest change in taste comes a rearrangement of the numbers in the pop charts of life.

What is cool today is not tomorrow.

What sells well today, is forgotten in a years time.

Whims and fancies determine relative values, and categorise and label the ‘boxes’ in which we keep our material possessions. In vogue today – old fashioned tomorrow.

Even ‘old-fashioned’ is a label that is old-fashioned.

To help us maintain the value of things, however, that will take us past the censorship of up-to-date appeal, there is a certain perennial scaffolding that is put in place.

This means the objets d’art (arresting the term to include everything) are somehow kept clear of needing to be presently popular. They are free from pop culture’s verdict based on a particular day or season. (e.g. Mona Lisa)

So votes don’t count, present-day popular cultural choices don’t effect these ‘pieces’ that were themselves, once, present-day popular cultural choices.

The museum’s mothball the art treasures of the past and of course they carry astronomical price tags to affirm that though these treasures are not in vogue – longevity determines that we must remember to value them.

In music for instance – we all know that most ‘have their day’ and the trick is to know how to stay in the public eye as popular as ever.

There’s the debate of course, over whether talent or promotional expertise determines sales and popularity of given artists.

There’s a saying:
‘Never mind the quality…feel the width’. [once a sit-com] – also: (Phrase used to persuade you that quantity is more important than quality. Originated from unscrupulous London backstreet tailors palming you off with cheap material instead of the good stuff for your suit)

Or as I’m using (arresting) it: ‘Never mind the quality feel the ‘width’,” the ‘width’ being the metaphor for the promotional side and the ‘quality’ – the talent. So that makes it: ‘never mind the talent’ , ’feel the promotion’.

The older one gets of course, the less, – what is popular with the many, – comes into consideration, when determining our subjective choice of what is quality, talent, or originality.

However, we all surely, do tire of the same thing.
We need something new, something fresh.

Until 10 years later we suddenly warm again to what has been done in the past, and it becomes ‘new’ again.

We have had the cultural break from it and are ready again to look and listen, put on, re-visit, and so on, what has gone before.

However ‘Fashion’ must have nothing to do with the serious choices we have to make in the context of life and death.

What is presently popular as a philosophy or belief system if it determines where our heart is, will have disastrous results in the long term, if chosen whimsically.

Smoking was once in vogue, popular – the ‘thing’ to do. It serves well as an illustration and proof of what I am saying: popular but deadly.

Life is not a whim – a fad or a fashion – it involves serious quality choices we must make.

And although we are, and because we are – a vapour appearing for a moment, we cannot be swayed by the crowd of popular opinion that is based on fanciful thinking.

James 4:14 (KJV Bible)
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.


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