The Old Clock

20160409_092121This sketch was drawn by a young teenager probably no more than sixteen years of age.

It captures the character of an old clock that sat on the marble mantelpiece of what (in those days) we referred to as ‘the Parlour’.

Objects of this nature implant by their representative quality emotional associations that abide deep in the heart.

In our youth we are, as they rightly say, most impressionable. So that in later life – sounds, smells, sights, tastes, and scenarios of various kinds, stir within us emotions that transport us by association into the past.

This is (as I see it) the fresh virgin hand of youth, that has no concern with technical ability, but simply depicts spontaneously what is before the eyes, unconscious of any need for perfect representation – rather simply an honest one. (But not even conscious of that)

To the left is the broken arm of a long gone statuette that, along with another, garrisoned either side of the clock on the same mantelpiece.

How we forget where such objects that appear and disappear with the march of time – have gone.

The clock is adorned by a Beatle hat (as we called it) that I wore then with youthful ‘coolness’. This must have been a great (sic) stroke of creative genius, that I had at the time, to place it over the clock.

And to the right is an attempt at drawing the key that wound the clock up (just enough to show it is there).

Many blissful hours were spent in the parlour, with the floor covered in toys, engaged in flights of fancy and visits to other lands through journeys of the imagination.

Now, at times, I try to paint memories rather than ‘from memory’, usually something emotionally associative, with the memory, hopefully comes out in the piece of art, without topographical perfection.

But I don’t think I could now equal what this sketch does for me in taking me back.

‘Way back’.


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