The sky’s the limit

theatre copy enhancedTheatre

In a day of explosive image making. When the sky’s the limit.

When “let me enhance that for you sir.” in graphics is the order of the day.
“Oh sir – did I mention it will take a few moments to try the 5,000 different ways we can change the image?”

In such a day of digital/visual/image-making revolution, when we are all subject to image overload.

Who needs… (who would be fool enough to try of course in the first place) … an LSD trip to be confronted with a smorgasbord of images, colours, transformations, nuances – all to do with the production of images, all such ‘menus’ are available at the touch of the mouse.

So let’s steady ourselves, hold on to something, lest we fall over, drunk on a gluttonous in-your-face plethora of colours, shapes, patterns, tones, and decoration.
Step back and take it a step at a time.

This illustration (above), created from my place of intuition, was done on cheap paper with pencil, pen, and coloured pencils, not of the most sophisticated kind.

In the course of transferring the photo of the drawing to my computer, I decided to play around a little with the image using gimp. As I began to do what I don’t do very often, I was reminded of how I could change the image a million times. (I know you told me a million times not to exaggerate).
NB: (By the way – I ended up actually doing next to nothing digitally – to the image.)

I guess because the ‘sky’s the limit now’ – the credit we give to the artist (at the end of the day) when so many options are available – is to applaud or otherwise his choice of will – expressed in what notes he plays on the piano of his palette, digitally or otherwise.

But with a few mouse moves back – you can see a completely different image that you (the ‘audience’) might have preferred.

It’s that simple now – just a few edit enhancement choices back and you might prefer that image than the one he finally decided on.

I will have to walk away now and let these considerations, simmer, because it does challenge us in that, – certain questions arise.

Examples – 1) in light of the profusion of digital enhancements available – does this not mean that those who claim to have no artistic ability whatsoever, are now equipped digitally ‘pixelatedly’ (like the new word?) – to play around and stumble on a good image?

2) is this not a good thing, releasing the artist in all, even those who do not consider themselves to have any ability?

However does it not come back to a previous discussion in one of my posts – dealing with – Skill v Intuitive Ability. Reproduction v Imagination?

I guess we are in the arena of letting others decide the fate of our pieces of art – and if the emotion is stirred aesthetically in someone – well it makes it doubly worthwhile, hopefully having been pleased with the work ourselves and enhancing the life of someone else.

Some folks really appreciate the photographic image, and the photographic image as done in paint.

They usually aren’t the least bit concerned about the mental processes some, if not most artists engage in when they think about art making. They have no concern about the why or the wherefore of art ‘philosophy’.

For them it looks like the place they went to, on holiday, and that’s all they need. Because they love the place, therefore they love that the painting replicates on a flat surface their fond memories.

That’s it. Intellectual surmising ends there.

Well reluctantly I find myself saying: – “everyone to their own”.


7 thoughts on “The sky’s the limit

  1. Hi there,

    Always fun to stop by. Great post!
    I’m pretty impressed that your art was done by hand the old fashioned color pencil way.

    It’s interesting that you touched on natural skills vs software manipulation. I studied Graphic Design briefly without prior skills in drawing/sketching etc. My primary focus for pursuing that line of study was for use in a Digital Art format. Surprisingly I did well with sketches as per the class requirements but I didn’t love it. Abstracts are my love, but I needed the basic foundation — my eyes needed to be trained to see things as an artist the way a nonartist wouldn’t. So my thinking is, there are many forms or art as there are many forms of artists, it’s all subjective.

    Love your new word — pixelatedly!
    Look forward to using it in a sentence soon 😁


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