Bus Stop Serenade

this onejpgBus Stop Serenade

The idea of being ‘courted’ by song has somehow fallen into disrepair, has it not?

Courting my wife entailed a walk in the park, sweet words, and a camera, as I took a picture of her. I was hardly able to hold the camera amidst the joy of her acceptance of my wooing words – that – yes indeed from that time forth we would walk together in God’s blessing, and make a life together in covenant partnership.

We then spent a year apart, writing letters (remember those?) to increase our bond of affection. She spent a year on the streets of London helping the street people, while I visited, I think twice. At the end of the year she came to my neck of the woods and we married. (35 years ago) In all of this – I don’t think I sang to her once!

NB: Now if I start singing in the car – she turns the radio on.😪

But to suddenly find a gentleman turning up the volume of his ‘sound box/speaker’ and bursting into song to woo a charming young lady waiting for a bus – well I mean! 😡😎




4 thoughts on “Bus Stop Serenade

  1. Hi Ken, I’ve finally signed up to your blog . . . . now browsing through your paintings and memoirs and contemplatings . . . . I hope you and Ali (got the name right this time) are well 🙂


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