And of course then there’s SLEEPWALKING.



Deftly reaching for the tissue
The nose blow
not so

Laying back on the wooden chair
Arms in place on wooden arms

Staring out first across the table
Staring out second through the window

Scratch scratch at the beard
Tipping the hat forward

Here come the legs crossed over
onto desktop – shoes muddied

Now the eyes close
The glasses – not needed
set aside

Sigh again
Thus begins the doze

And thus begins the daydream
And thus begins the mixed-up story

Fragments of the days before
Merge in disjointed dissonant visions

As only daydreams can bring
And arrange in no particular order
Producing an impossible history
of what has gone before

It hasn’t gone before
That’s what I mean

Contemplation on awakening
Has reduced the fragments more

As no sense is made out of these
But yet the thought remains

Of how these film clips
have merged by no control

To give any story you like
that defies reality and gravity

I will live to doze another day
By grace I will.


2 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Nice one.. ☺ Your writings are really nice, they come from a talent that runs deep. Cheers! Keep going Bud! – Cezane


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