★ Like ?

Like ?

This is my first time at asking for some feedback from the Blogging Community.

Perhaps you can help me.

The LIKE button – what exactly is that for?

Is the question as obviously answered as it would appear?

…So we hit the ‘like’ button if we ‘like’ the content of a piece that has been posted – right?

Do we hit the ‘like’ button every time – e.g. because we know the blogger (perhaps through some other context) and don’t want to seem to stop lending support? Even though a particular blog (they’ve written) doesn’t really speak to us that much?

Does anybody have their ‘like’ button set up so that it automatically sends a ‘Like’ message to any blogs they are following, when they get news of a new post?
Even though they haven’t read the post they are responding to – yet? (Is such a thing possible – I don’t know?). That would be ‘liking’ without reading.

Do we just hit the ‘Like’ button randomly because we simply want to encourage the person in their blog, regardless of whether we do – actually ‘Like’ the content or not?

Is it right to hit the ‘like’ button even when we perceive 50% as good and don’t agree with the other 50% of what they have posted?

Is it still all right to hit the ‘like’ button e.g. because we like the accompanying illustration posted – but not the content of the text?

Can we ‘like’ something because it is well written without having to actually ‘like’ what is written? That would be liking ‘expression’ rather than ‘content’.

Is it not true that if we were so inclined we could randomly hit ‘like’ buttons here there and everywhere with little or no studious appraisal of the actual post? Indeed if we choose – without having even read the post?

Would you appreciate such button hitting on your blog?

Are there reasons to hit the ‘like’ button that I’m missing?
Perhaps I’m missing the obvious?

Perhaps ‘Like buttoning’ doesn’t mean like at all?
Perhaps it simply means ‘Heh I called today to have a look…’?

Then again perhaps each person reads a ‘Like’ differently than others and each person understands it to mean entirely different things when they receive one?

Is there a piece of WordPress instruction I have missed in all of this, and it is ‘much ado about nothing’ on my part?

Personally speaking if you get ‘a like’ from me it will be genuine.

At times it isn’t (I must admit) a unanimous ‘Like’, as I may not warm to every single syllable you have written.😎 But pretty much it is because I like your piece, that the button is pressed and up comes my motif to let you know.

Is it true that if you follow someone or they follow you – they never fail to get notification of your latest post? – Oops! Im changing the subject.

Anyway there you go – feel free to let me know what you think.
Until next time – hope you ‘like’ your day, or (…you thought it was pretty awesome…) (sound familiar?)😀


14 thoughts on “★ Like ?

  1. Perhaps you might accept the likes you get to mean and have the same value as they do when you give them. Any like unless accidental, if there are accidents, I think has some measure of value and can probably run the whole gammet (plus) of what you described. If I have a friend who is too busy to fully engage what I’ve done but intentionally takes the time to press a button to acknowledge that I made an effort and am alive I am pleased and honored. Out of all the things they could have been thinking about or doing they invested that moment in their life in me. Their positive intention could have gone to a goofy picture of a dog or some mindless celebrity or whatever the current media programmed daily conversation might be. To me positive intention sent my way at whatever level is a powerful gift of grace. Blessings. Plato

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  2. Why am i hitting your like button?

    Because i like you, no way i don’t know you personally,

    i just like what you write, Hell no, i just like liking it.

    Never mind all i know is i like dropping by at your blog for whatever reason.

    i just like it when your blog made me smile through the images, or your writings or whatever it is that’s making me think that yes i’m not alone.

    Never alone in finding our little gritty happiness in writing or expressing ourselves regardless if it’s being validated or not.

    So i hit the like button because it’s not really all about you.

    It’s all about me. When your writings made me think, made me smile, made me sad, made me smirk. through your sheer talent and time in making our world a better place to read.

    Now if i can only hit that super like button twice i’d gladly do it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy stopping by.

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  3. Joel thanks for sharing your outlook. I wasn’t really asking the questions ‘personally’ i.e. as it applied to me – but in general as to how we all view the whole ‘Like’ button idea. Certainly you have contributed a great deal in your honest response. You’ve also opened it up – to show we are all motivated differently – Thanks again.

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  4. I try to read the blog posts my followers post, and if I see some merit in the post or find it interesting or entertaining or helpful, I hit the like button. If not, I don’t hit the like button and if I find it offensive or vulgar in some way, I just don’t even read it all. As in any relationship, there has to be give and take for it to thrive. As bloggers, I feel like we become a community of mutually connected people in some way and hitting the like button is a way of honoring their presence in my world. 🙂 ❤

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  5. I like to hit the like button on posts, but if I am on that person’s blog, I definitely leave a comment. Comments mean so much when you are writing………and I believe that we are to BUILD EACH OTHER UP in HIS grace as much as possible. Thanks for taking the time to write and to put so much thought into the LIKE button! Blessings.


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