Like Results


(if need be see previous blog)

THE SHORT (n sweet) ‘survey’ on

For your information, passing interest or
yawn factor (?)

There are at present 67 followers of this blog

As we speak – the grammar used by those few who did respond with comments I have made into an amalgam of the following words:


…the ‘acknowledgement of making an effort’ . ‘…acknowlegement of ’Positive intention’…

…i just like what you write…
…When your writings made me think, made me smile, made me sad, made me smirk…

I try to read the blog posts my followers post,…
…merit in the post or find it interesting or entertaining or helpful, I hit the like button….the like button is a way of honouring their presence in my world

…I hit the LIKE button to let the blogger know that I read and liked it……. to be honest, sometimes even if the post is a meh, (Ed. not sure what ‘meh’ means?) I still hit the LIKE button for her/his effort…

The response to the questions from some was a – no comment left – hitting of the Like button! (5 folks) 😀

None tackled any of the questions directly e.g. the automatic set up idea of liking without reading – no one could inform me of the possibility of such a phenomena or not.

At least I’m a little more educated about the fact that there are bloggers out there who will hit the like button – because they like, want to encourage, give thanks for our efforts in blogging, and perhaps are not all that particular about exactitude when it comes – as to the ‘Why they do actually hit the like button’.

Who knows the other 59 followers might respond some day?



(or too much encouragement to bloggers?)

Just go ahead and write all day, write all day, go on, write away.
Away you go – that’s it – away you go – write all day
Write away – right away.
Are you writing?
There you are now – go on – write away
Write in the old way – on paper I mean
Type if you must – but either way – write away
That’s it – how many reams done now?
Still writing? Good – off you go again.
That’s it – write, write, write.
Good job. Yes – let me read that –
You have done it again, sheer genius –
But that’s not all. …Relevant…too…
Yes, well done. Keep this up.
You’re getting the hang of it.
This writing business I mean.







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