It was a cold day
bright sunshine in open sky
leaves had fallen – leaves were withering
trees were calling to winter:
“Let’s see what you’ve got”
flowers long gone in retreat
sparrows and other such birds
went their diverse ways
dogs barking at owners walking
children playing – parents watching
cyclists pushing hard at risen wind
walkers walking in power
‘swing those arms and
set that face like a flint’
papers blowing
receipts long forgotten
“It cost that much? – where’s the proof?”
eight year olds – soaking socks
in remaining puddles
‘catch their death of cold’
as scolding grannies take them by the arm
to escort, and support, overdriven legs
home to home with report to mother
teenage couple arm in arm
then arm over shoulder and waist
quicken their pace heading home
as it is dusk
to watch a nature programme
and relive their day
in the great outdoors
Farm hands in drab garb
grab a bite to eat
as they too retreat
to separate homesteads
their day of all mucking-in
A few cars pass and greetings
exchange by nod or wink
while the local bus
dead on time
has no passengers
getting harder to see now
all are in quickening pace
as conducted by the nip in the air
all will live to fight another day
against the encroaching
winter doing it’s thing.


4 thoughts on “Winter

    1. Thank you for saying so. I try to remain versatile in the work I produce – for many years only painting watercolours of this kind. But it’s important to allow our imagination to find fresh things and new ways. Thanks again. Have a nice day. KR

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