BIRD copyjpegBirds (Photoshop)


The apple cores from my free hand
hit the path leading through the garden
juicy stain with dam buster bounce
– now they lie in wait

first the familiar
on-high squawk
of inland sea gulls –
the new inhabitants
of former ‘out of bounds’

then – one quick small shadow
flits across the garden
a bird flies and tries
to find a guard post
for safety observation

before contemplation
of a swooping dive bomb
joined by another and yet another
and yet another

the bold and courageous are first to land
various shapes and sizes
with versatility,
but all amok
with noisy self-importance

crow – black with puffed-up menace
when he comes –
the little ones as quickly move away
as quickly land.

now it’s a fairground of roll-up, roll-up
too little for too many
when suddenly the pickings of nibble nibble
are completely gone
as our seagull friends close the party down

no cores any more to be found
swiftly away
full beak swooping all and sundry.

remaining birds go through feeding motions
pseudo feeding
on titbits no longer there.


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