Music Person (?)

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Music Person (?)

I’m sure we can all relate to the ‘hum’ of a fridge in the background. Or the heating system in the house ‘sizzling’ in some kind of water-meets-air-noise-continuum.

Or perhaps you own a budgerigar and you have become acclimatised to it’s joyful chirp in the background.

In these few examples we have something in our lives that is there, but we drift into only noticing it from time to time.

It’s a strange comparison to make but I had the thought that in a way this is what secular music is in my life.

I’ve listened to music in seasons.

By that I mean, there are times when it is very much in the background. It’s there – but I don’t pay much attention to it. Unless I pay attention to it 😎.

Which means, (if I do listen) a ‘music season’ has arrived. I have decided to notice it again.

A friend of mine enjoys every piece of minutiae on the whole subject of music and pop’s chronological history.

Who said what, when, where and why. What year that song was released, and that it coincided with a Motown classic that was largely ignored.

‘He’ made that single before he made the fateful journey in the plane. That label was established first and many artists released their first single on that label. ‘It’ was number one for five weeks, and was knocked off the number one spot by such and such. And so on… and so on…

While I, in contradistinction, struggle to remember the title of a song never mind anything else, the tune of which may well stay in my head for days.

Again, while I struggle to remember the lyrics and inevitably make my own lyrics up to fit the tune, and ruin the song.

Unfortunately I will sing these wrong lyrics in the bathroom or in transit from one room to another. So that my family end up thinking that’s how the song goes!

Ad nauseam I will incorporate the same made up line when lost for words to go with the tune.

My favourite artists suffer the indignity of me being unable to remember their song titles.

Having found music again about a decade ago (another one of those seasons I go in and out of).

I ventured forth with a spring in my step to start MAN nights (Musical Appreciation Nights). [Referred to in a previous post of mine].

I chaired the gathering of music enthusiasts. And although I hopefully had a few intelligent things to say about the music we listened to – I fear I may have given the impression that I knew more about it than I did.

Because I am a ‘casual’ listener, being more into painting than music.

(It’s the same excuse when failing to catch fish – “I’m a leisure fisherman…”)

It’s nice to listen to those who are into the history of it all, (music) as I am not.

My friend who loves the memorabilia etc. side of it, didn’t fully appreciate the MAN nights when we got off into a subject provoked by a lyric in a song.

He wanted to get back to the surrounding history of the birth or demise etc. of an aspect of pop’s musical archive.

It’s not that this stuff is uninteresting, it’s just that I lack motivation in finding it all out, for myself.

So the chairman (me) was at best a stand-in for someone more qualified, at worse an imposter 😜.

The ‘moral’ of this short post?

Well, my love and enthusiasm for finding out the history of a particular artist/painter and why he/she produced the work they did – doesn’t transfer over into music.

At least not to the same degree, in that, their history is sometimes not searched out, I listen to the song, but hardly notice the title, and also forget the lyrics too quickly! 😐

Unless I set my myself to really listen, which is what the MAN nights were for. To really listen.

Bringing the music from the background (buzzing fridge analogy) and really concentrating on the nuances of the piece.

There is a lesson in this. To REALLY listen to anything demands that we set ourselves to do so. I’m sure there are many things we do not really listen-in on, when many times we should. (e.g. TV advertisements?)

So unless I’m in that season – I guess I’m not a proper ‘sounds’ listening enthusiast – not worthy to be called a music ‘person’.

And I reckon it’s something to do with unfortunately not being able to play an instrument.

Or at least so I have concluded for now. 😎

PS. Worship music is a permanent fixture.


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