Canned Triumph



Try as I may, I am unable
To get to the top shelf.
With no disability and
Even on tip toes, it isn’t enough.
So, reaching forth with the brush handle
I knock it over in tumble-down fashion,
And with dexterity and skill I catch the can.
Well, that was good – I am more than – an also ran.
An opener would be good just now.
This old one, buried under spoons,
Should do the job.
I manage to do it without a cut person,
I manage to open and spill, pour and shake
The contents – my meal to make.
I could try the microwave,
But it seems better still
Eat it cold in celebration
Of this great act of inventive coercion.
It tastes extra good, sprinkled with inner satisfaction
The labourer getting his reward
And the delicious contents, is on a par
With the effort of the game well played.


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