Flower decoration. (Photoshop)


Sometimes I almost prefer to call myself a ‘decorator’ rather than an artist.

But I can be like a person who changes from a uniform to everyday clothes and back again.

In other words the art I choose to produce comes from two (or more?) different starting points.

Maybe I’m a quick change artist? 😎

There is for example, the landscape that I simply want to translate into paint.

Previous (older) blog – painting entitled: ‘The Winter’ would fit this category.

The sense of or feeling of winter is the goal. Also of course it should evoke the place depicted.

Another Post: ‘Taking the Huff’ is more intuitive.
The goal is not to set out to evoke any place or represent a room somewhere. It is simply the result of un-premeditated exploration.

I wanted the figures to be a mixture of naturalistic and stylised depiction, keeping in mind the relationships of the individual abstract design parts or shapes.

I’m not sure when the narrative arrived, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t pre-meditated.

The narrative is to do with the brash boyfriend, who is not pleasing the girlfriend with his behaviour. So rather than offer solace and apologies, he instead starts to relate and give attention to the shy younger sister in the background, doing so to add insult to injury.

The younger sister struggles with her feelings of embarrassment at having received such attention, struggling also with not wanting to offend her big sister by responding to his cheap talk.

Colour-wise I wanted to create surface unity with an overall colour on top of which the painting was designed and other colours chosen as felt.

I’m always interested in balancing intuitively all the elements on the flat surface – breaking rules of naturalistic rendition and perspective to create a pleasing whole.

The work unapologetically becomes a matter of decoration, which brings me back to my self-evaluation if you like – concluding myself as a decorator more than a painter.

The Art of certain painters has been dismissed in the past by the critics as ‘mere’ decoration.

For me ‘mere’ is ok. 😂

The jury is welcome to deliberate, before reaching a verdict, as to the truth of my statement.

But I should point out that this description is not definitive.



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