What age are you..?


What age are you?

Birthday tomorrow – in one hour and eight minutes
Another age to entertain, examine, get used to…

And –
when half way through the year –
consider the next one, to be sure

Before it’s time – it will suggest itself
“Act in accordance with me – coming up”
It will say.

“When someone asks your age
‘it is nearly such and such…’ ”
It will say.

It’s before it’s time, yes:
but you might as well
embrace it now,

Bear in mind it’s just around the corner
“You’re almost there anyway”, it will say

Only half a year to go.

I’m in my next age before it arrives
It stretches back in time to grab me by the lapels
And hoist me into it’s orbit

I’m always a year older than I am
Because once that day of birthday arrives

It’s too late – you have only 364 days to go

Just round it off to the next one
Just add “I’m nearly…” to the inevitable

Say what-you-will-be – next year, when asked

You are tomorrow what you are not today
But tomorrow you are on your way
to the next year’s birthday – day.

Keeping one step ahead of the game
There’s no reverse order


‘Time and tide waits for no…’
‘Time is at a premium…’
– is on my side, Yes it is…..’

The lyric is wrong –
It’s waiting
on the other side

of your birthday

It’s pace is increasing
day after day
you are on your way…
forty-seven minutes to your birthday
but add another year,
just for realities sake.
(NB: It is not my birthday 😃)


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