The Workshop

20160409_094224‘Through the foggy archives of the mind I see dad’s workshop where the coal was kept’. (Children’s wax crayon and pencil)



4 thoughts on “The Workshop

  1. Of course we all view art through our own individual lenses, so my thoughts could be far from the reason you created this. I saw this as a tribute to your father, and I was moved by it. As a father of a grown son, and the son of a father who died fairly young, I appreciate this work very much. Very nice job.


    1. David thanks again for your comment – I’m interested in the marks we make of the spontaneous kind. Often we capture something that polished and ‘finished’ work doesn’t. So the topography is absent giving way to the emotion of the memory, of how he would often go in to tidy up and put things back in place, and I would see the difference he made, shavings from his woodwork disappearing to reveal his tidy ‘world’. Glad it resonated with you too. Blessings

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    1. The common denominator with me and my son was fishing – for quality time together – my own dad spent more time in my pre-teens – then it was I who did my own thing – but I reflect too on the good things that made him who he was. Thanks for the comment – be blessed.

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