The unseen hand


The unseen hand

The sun beats down on
old familiar adjective street

Later the moon showed-off it’s roundness
scaring away all clouds
by arrangement with the weather

Starry starry night so oft referred to
In painting, poem, and song

All on the back-cloth of that blue

That blue from dark outer value
to cobalt hue near the light
That’s the blue – memories are made of

That’s the blue that in partnership
with fresh air and approaching spring

Galvanises the senses in smell, sight
sound and touch
in impressionable youth
when emotions are fixed for good

It’s that night of sensing weather
that repeats the memory
for years
on it’s return

the essence of human emotion
when the experience of
similar landscape
hints at the eternal

when all is well – with feelings of safety
and just being young and interested

in all that is about us –
in activities engagement
of one kind or another.

In moments – just moments

God placed His hand
Just to say: ‘I’m still here’
And I mistook it for enjoyment of life
in those things He had made

Like young Samuel I could hear
But I didn’t know
I could see but thought only
what was visible
was what I saw.

My dear, dear friend – Jesus Himself
As one who knows better
overlooked my youthful ignorance
and stayed knocking
despite my infliction of pain
through foolishness of sin

Until one more spring arrived
this time
in spiritual surprise – to give new birth
to me again.



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