The Football Player

the football player
The Football Player (Pencil n ink)

2 thoughts on “The Football Player

  1. I wish I knew more about art, and all of the techniques, and ideas that are expressed. My eyesight isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be. I am so thankful that with computers we can magnify things. I noticed circles and little flowers here and there. Were there only two?



    1. Hi Theresa – I take it your: ‘were there only two’ refers to the flowers? – Either way what you will probably notice is – in the course of producing the drawing I do things abstractly – my only concern is balancing marks – with no specific meaning intended – only to sometimes ‘discover’ an undiscovered meaning (even to me – that’s the fun part) which can be added afterwards 😎 if deemed worthwhile. I enjoy the fact that others – as you have done remind me things are there!!! Thanks have a good day.

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