What kind of rest?

SUNDAY AFTERNOONSunday Afternoon (based on 1950’s style Living Room) (Watercolour)

Which kind of rest?

Just another day?
Usually weekdays are – Just another day.

Because most folks usually work, and a lot of folks have survival in mind, as their motivation for staying in the job. Bread on the table, family to look after, mortgage etc. etc.

Weekends – begin to be celebrated at the company’s finishing time on Friday.

Now it’s time to do what you really like doing.

The weekend has arrived. Two days out of seven to do your thing.

There’s a saying ‘I work to live’, I don’t ‘live to work’.

Five or sometimes seven days labour in a job you do not like, sounds like prison.

In the Old Testament – six days were labour, and the seventh was for resting and worshipping.

In the greater agreement that is the New Testament ‘Sabbath rest’ has become an internal and constant rest position of abiding in Christ, to be guarded diligently. (Hebrews 4/1-9)

It is still however, the wisdom of God to take at least one days practical, physical, actual bodily rest.

But in the midst of a world gone wrong, in the midst of a ‘stress-lightning’-struck world, spiralling out of control and tottering about like a drunk, are you interested in the internal rest and peace offered by Christ Jesus, or do you prefer one days practical, physical, actual bodily rest?


2 thoughts on “What kind of rest?

  1. The content looks restful, but the contrasting and intertwining yellows and blacks lends of air of chaos. Very interesting work.


    1. Thanks for stopping by – I guess there is some kind of narrative involving the little lady reading at the hearth – and some sense of flickering light from the fire. But chaos might well figure in the setting (?). Have a good day.


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