Talking head(s) Photoshop


(or possibly – ‘convinced about nothing’)


👞 So let’s see if we can get some eternal questions sorted out, shall we?

👞 …‘We can’t’ – did you say?

👟 Yes…

👞 (Hmmm…thought you said that…)

👞 Well let’s try anyway. Ok?

👟 For religious answers – there’s no hope.
All the religions believe differently
and will never agree

👞 I See…but answers for you personally…?

👟 …Look, let me encourage you to
save some breath –
before you get started
let’s just forget the whole thing –
…. right?
You religious freaks
do my head in…

👞 So no answers then?
👟 No answers.

👞 No discussion?
👟 No discussion.

👞 No conclusions?
👟 No conclusions
…Just hours and hours of ramblings
– Some like that.
…I don’t.

👞 You will just live without any idea of
what happens when we all die?

👟 Exactly.
– we just die that’s it – we evaporate
into nothing

👞 So you are totally committed to this manifesto?

👟 Yep.

👞 Willing to lay down your life for it?

👟 NOPE! – ain’t laying my life down for any cause.

👞 Ok. Well – (better put) – you’re willing to eventually die IN
this held belief?

👟 What belief – I didn’t mention any belief?

👞 The belief that we evaporate and that’s it?

👟 Did I say I believed that?

👞 Well…yes…(?)

👟 No – I said
‘We just die that’s it – we evaporate
into nothing…’

👞 So you believe that then?

👟 Yes.

👞 So that’s your belief?

👟 Whatever…
(for sensible truth searchers I recommend ….
reading the Bible – John 3/16)


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