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I was thinking…

I was thinking…

I was thinking about this blog. Thinking too of my approach to blogging. Thinking too of my desire to wear (as you have heard me say before) different hats, when blogging.

All the ‘P’s’ (see my ‘ABOUT’) expressing my person, parent, painter, preacher approach. Thinking too of how I should have added another P – that of a Poet, followed by my conundrum: ‘What is poetry anyway?’

Thinking too of the people who decide to follow

A diverse bunch of bloggers, with equally diverse types of blogs.

All kinds of different personalities, some I never hear from or receive ‘likes’ from, almost since they started following this blog.

Was musing on the different accents of folks from different cultural backgrounds, it’s always interesting adjusting to their use of certain words, accent etc. in audio-type blogs.

Thinking too of some that ‘follow’, that I (as yet) don’t follow back.

Thinking of the fact that some things just plane don’t interest me in other folks blogs. I wonder if this is a politically incorrect statement? 😎

Those who follow this blog, who never hit the like button are surely not engaged enough or interested in what is being written?

No big deal. That’s ok. I’m not out to break the Guinness book of Records ‘Most Likes’ record. (Does such a record exist? – (sorry not really interested enough to find out).

What about you? Are you sizzling with blog ambition? Wanting to see your ambitions in the field of writing realised?

Can’t really say I’m pre-occupied with that goal. In fact though it’s nice to have a lot of people read our blogs, it’s also nice that anybody reads it, regardless of how many.

Then there’s the question of the technical side – those who start following we are told ‘will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations’. So does that mean that every time I publish a post – 126 people/followers (and rising) are being told about it?

The above statement would lead me to believe they are being informed. (‘will receive an email…’) But is it true?

Maybe you folks who are more into the technical side of things can ‘enlighten’ me through ‘comments’ on that one?

Is it some kind of automatic informing – or does a wordpress ‘big brother’ person control the ‘to whom and when’ in this?

I was thinking too – do you ever get the feeling that after someone has read your blog – what you have written is suddenly the subject matter of their next blog? (Or is that just my imagination?)

They don’t acknowledge this of course – but just write on the same subject, shortly after reading your blog.

Again no big deal is it? I mean they are not stealing copyright or plagiarising. If I’m a little naughty I might suggest they can’t think of something to write about, but if this was true – at least I’m helping them out, so that’s ok. But I’m not sure of this suspicion so it remains in my inconclusive middle drawer – you’ve gathered that – right?

There’s no copyright on ‘subjects’, – feel free.

I’m thinking too, like most have done, about other folk’s blogs that I like or favour most. Other bloggers usually follow this with a ‘shout out’ for those blogs.

Well can I, rather than do this, admit to missing (haven’t searched enough I guess) a good post on art theory, as in why painters paint. Open to your suggestions/recommendations, if you know of any.

Great to be able to start so many sentences with ‘I was thinking…’ without being concerned about being repetitive 😊

As I was saying… ahhm… thinking…

Haven’t had any interest from anyone wanting to purchase a piece of my original artwork – (as explained in my pages – it’s not what the blog is about i.e. setting up shop).

I must admit though, that the artwork I have enjoyed on other blogs, and hit like buttons to communicate the fact – have not (although I enjoyed them) motivated me enough – to desire to own them. So I shouldn’t be surprised if no one is straining to enquire after mine.😄
Perhaps you need to have a particular tendency to ‘collect’ before taking such trouble to obtain.

I was thinking too about those that I follow, but who don’t follow back – i.e. they follow my blog, but show no interest expressed in ‘like’ or ‘comment’.

Surely this shouldn’t bother us – at least we are getting something from their blog, and they are getting something from us getting something from their blog, ahmm – if you see what I mean? 😐

If there is no reciprocation isn’t that ok?

Well Mostly its ok – it’s just that an added footnote might be: one wonders if reciprocation communication enters their ethos?

And then I was thinking about enthusiastic bloggers, who suddenly are not heard from for quite a while.

For example how is marksshoesbyevamarks getting on? Does anyone know? Is she still posting? Always an encouraging ‘liker’. Is she still blogging? Best wishes if she is.

So what else was I thinking?

Well I was also wondering if anyone receives private (as in email) communications, of the friendly and acceptable kind from other bloggers? In which, conversations can be continued that will not take up reams and reams of ‘comments’ space.

Emails being a preferred means for ‘long’ discussions. Or is it part of the bloggers unwritten rules of engagement – that personal emails are a ‘no no?’

Lastly I was thinking if anyone would respond to some of my thoughts here – I’m sure you can help me out 😇? So I suppose that’s a way of saying ‘I was wondering what you are thinking…?’

Lastly – lastly – I smile at bloggers who hit the like button on their own blog after they have posted something.
Why not!! But that tickles my funny bone every time.😂

Oh yes…and one more thing – my post about the man ‘in the long black coat’. Well, got no answers to the question about what artist/what song. Guess people didn’t realise it was a question?


Pearls before swine?

Matthew 7/6 (Amp.)
“Do not give that which is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, for they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

As a follower of Christ, I’m aware of the fact that we (as professing Christians) are called to share His message.

We are also called to not throw our ‘pearls before swine…’ (Matthew 7/6)

In other words take what is precious to us and offer it to those who will show no respect and at worse despise out of hand anything we offer as the good news of the gospel.

In certain extreme case scenarios we are told to walk away and wipe our feet in response to those who despise and reject the message we bring. (Mk. 6/11)

Because of course they are not rejecting our message but Christ’s – provided it is Christ’s message we are bringing in the first place.

There are many perversions of the message of Christ that create a bias against the real thing.

Not everyone who says: ‘Lord Lord’ will enter the kingdom of God. Jesus tells us that. (Matt. 7/21)

The message of the gospel is a balanced one. The manifold wisdom of God, is just that – manifold – many sided, and just when you think you have the things of God sussed, God reveals another aspect of His infinite knowledge and wisdom.

But there are the basic principles of the Gospel of Christ. The basic as it were – 1st Form (as in first class to join) -teachings that are for those who will be introduced to Christ through the experience of salvation we call conversion, or being born again. These teachings need established in our life if we are to go on to ‘meatier’ matters.

Paul the Apostle exhorts some believers along the lines of needing to mature, when he informs us that they had need that someone teach them again the first or basic principles. He is saying you have not grown, you have not matured. (Hebrews 5/12)

On another occasion he informs them that he couldn’t speak to them of spiritual matters, when they were behaving still in a certain unspiritual way or manner. (I Cor. 3/1)

It is a fact that becoming a Christian does not guarantee that you will never sin again.

But we are told that if anyone sins – we have an advocate representing us before a holy God the Father. Jesus Christ the righteous. Who is willing and just to forgive us for sin over which we sorrow.

John the apostle writes to us in order to provide the instruction we need to keep us from sinning.

I John 2/1
My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

Maturity in the Christian faith is growing to a place where we make infrequent mistakes. Things that we indulged in to hurt God, to hurt others, or ourselves,  – decrease in our lives.

A baby has to be born first before it progresses. It does not ‘slide’ from the womb and start it’s ABC’s.

Being born again, takes place when we seek God through the Son of God, and we have an encounter with Him. The same encounter that multitudes down through the decades have had.

An encounter that may ‘experientially’ differ from person to person but always with the same end result – a relationship in spirit with the only begotten Son of God.

When I say ‘experientially differ’ – I mean how a person is effected inside involving their thought life and emotions.

It is the same salvation experience for all true Christians but entails an internal experience unique to the individual, depending on what Jesus reveals to that individual regarding their internal state of being.

We all have a different story to tell. We all have come on our own personal journey. But we all have the same inner needs. And must find faith in Christ by firstly hearing the message of the true gospel.

Some come moved by deep emotion, being set free and liberated from all kinds of baggage and damaged inner beings.

Others have already come to a place where they are glad to submit to the offer of a loving saviour to come into their lives – and on repentance from sin experience the great joy of all guilt and condemnation falling from their hearts and minds.

Others have a spiritual revelation of the fact that they have been believing lies, and now the truth makes them free as they discovery truly that Jesus is ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Life’.

In all of these unique inner experiences – the end result is placing your life wholeheartedly into the hands of Christ Jesus, through prayer. And acceptance of the fact that He is the only way to heaven.

There is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved. That’s as plain as God can make it.

Acts 4/12 – Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

To stumble at this point is to entertain everything and anything – except this plain statement of truth.

Because everything and anything that does not acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of the world – paves the way for us to proceed into error.

That’s why except a man become as a little child he shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. We are not to be ‘childish’ but child-like in our acceptance of Jesus.

The gospel is simple but profound. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. (Acts 16/31)

Repentance means among other things that we change our minds and our way of living, and acknowledge by prayer to Jesus, that our life has not included Him.

Sorry for the fact that it hasn’t, – we ask Him into our lives to take over – body soul and spirit.

The cross of Christ is a stumbling block to those who believe not. To those who believe – it is the power of God unto salvation.

I Corinthians 1/18: For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God…

On the cross He willingly died.

There are probably innumerable imitations, and wrong concepts when it comes to the gospel.

Because confusion will increase more and more and the true gospel undermined by an unbelieving world, you – if you are a sincere person looking for the real thing, will find yourself being helped and drawn by the Holy Spirit.

Maybe this is happening as we speak?

If so take a step towards God in Christ and ask for His help. Come to faith and commitment and don’t look back.

Lord Jesus I know I am a sinner. Please forgive me for my sins, I turn away from the desire to sin. I ask you to come into my innermost being. I pray this sincerely. Make yourself known to me from this time forth and day by day as I seek you in prayer.

Thank you for forgiving my sins – I receive you by faith, as my Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Offered help –


Bully Fight


vrooom copyjpeg copyArtwork: Ken Riddles (Photoshop)

Poem 2016

(a teenage memory)

So here I am – (was)
Standing still in a pause

In assembly of teenage schoolers
Incessant, chewing-gum droolers

As called for – lined up we are
Bustling, bouncing, on a par

Then suddenly the biggest bully
Shoulder charges fully

My weak frame in a spin
I attempt a grin

‘Don’t push me’ he suggests
When I’mthe chicken chest

‘I’ll knock your head off…’
his intelligent offer
His big bully friend also the scoffer

‘Outside at a quarter to four…’
(I thought – Pictures of me on the floor)

‘Ok any day…’ I hear myself say
He is twice my size, time to pray

No intention of meeting him again
My agenda is – avoidance of pain

Ah! Alas! Lunchtime what took place?
Bumped into him face to face

Straightaway I put on a front
Whilst he:
‘Now’s the time you skinny runt…’

Vroom! Grunch! Pow! Crash!
Tried to kick back – I was up for a bash

My shoe flies off – hopping on one
He finishes the job, he’s having fun

Swollen lip – I tried to disguise
The teacher doesn’t notice – to my surprise

‘Why are you late for class’ he asks
‘Sir I was breaking up a fight, quite a task”

You see as a Prefect we were there
to keep order
No one informed me there was no border

The badge on my lapel
Up to now, had served me well

Even though I hid it from view
On the back of my lapel – (it’s true)

But bullies don’t recognise skinny guys
Who carry Prefect badges in disguise

He should have known I was one of those.
He didn’t – that’s how it goes

From that time on did the badge have
an effect?
Having been moved to the front from the back?

NB: Later in life I saw the guy
no recognition given by he or I.

That rings a bell

When anyone has been through an experience in life – whether positive or negative, they become ‘experienced’.

Experienced in a given field. They have acquired something other than simply what is ‘written in books’.

Recently my daughter came to help her younger brother put together a flat pack storage unit. She came to help because she had put many of them together before, in her own home.

She is not a carpenter, or an electrician, or a tradesperson – but she has had ‘experience’ in putting things together.

Her experience helped in putting the unit together in perhaps, half the time it would have taken my ‘inexperienced’ son to do so.

In recent days I taught the kids in my daughter’s Sunday school class on what it is to ‘experience’ The Lord Jesus Christ in your life.

The teaching holds true for adult or child. To illustrate the lesson I asked for a volunteer to sit on a chair at the front of the class.

I picked the right child! The young lady was a little ‘performer’ – liked to give her co-operation with enthusiasm.

She sat on the chair, and my wife blindfolded her.
We then proceeded to give her different experiences, all pleasant.

First we wafted a cardboard sheet at the side of her face, creating a wind or draft, (like many of us do in hot sticky weather). She of course got it straight away. She got what she was experiencing.

Following each experience, I affirmed to the children, what she did not need in order still, to have the legitimate experience.

She did not see, smell, hear, taste or touch the wind (it touched her) – but she still experienced it.
(A question we might ask is ‘Has Jesus Christ ever touched you?)

This was followed by a piece of chocolate placed in her mouth.

‘Hmmmm…’ was her response. She didn’t see, smell, hear, or touch the chocolate but tasted it.

Again proof enough that it was there, she experienced the chocolate – if you like – in a specific part of her being. Proof indeed that it was real.

Next we rang a bell, which she didn’t see, smell, taste, or feel – but she knew without a shadow of doubt that it was a bell ringing, her ears told her so.

Then my wife massaged her shoulders, again she over-responded, creating laughter in the class, and again the same lesson, not seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting did not prevent her from ‘experiencing’ the reality of a massage.

God’s desire is to reach our minds, to address our understanding.

He does this by presenting a message.

A message to respond to – or reject. We are free-willed and able to do either.

The Holy Spirit of God, draws alongside the message we hear or read and causes us to experience His words – inside, where, if He is allowed to – He will bring inner spiritual revelation and transformation.

Christian’s share the message, and always there is a mixed response.

Nothing new there.

Jesus Himself got, and still gets a mixed response to His message of offered forgiveness, on His terms.

To share the message is not to force it on people.

What would be the point of doing so?

And yet sharing the message is often perceived without justification – as forcing it upon others.

God is a Spirit. And…

John 4/23
…the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

The Father is SEEKING such to worship Him.

To put all this together in one sentence:

God is a Spirit, not to be found by seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touching – but rather by spiritually experiencing Him.

Experiencing by repentance and faith.

Firstly the human mind/heart must be aware of it’s need.

Then there is a seeking, a knocking, and an asking for the reality of a spiritual experience known as conversion to Christ.

Firstly recognising that without His death on the cross, there could be no experiencing of His love and forgiveness, in the first place. As the penalty for sin would not have been paid.

The deep seated spiritual need in all human beings can only be met through peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s also true that ‘one way Jesus Christ’ is being too dogmatic in the mindsets of many, who consider there are innumerous ways to God. I beg to differ – if you must conclude I am dogmatic – then so be it. Here is God’s dogmatism –

Acts 4/12Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

This experience of conversion takes place after the mind has been informed, the emotions stirred, and the will activated to choose Christ as saviour, through sincere prayer.

In response to a prayer of repentance and confession of our sin and our dilemma, accompanied with a desire to turn away from sin – Christ Jesus can and will come into your life, by your invitation only.

God is seeking such to worship Him, as we come spiritually alive through turning our lives completely over to Him – in an unmistakeable way, we are able to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

So as one, just now, doing the work of an evangelist (that’s the hat I’m wearing today) the question remains at what stage are you, on this personal journey to Christ?

Answers if you wish to –

What life will it be?


What life will it be?


What life will it be?

Fast paced – notch it up
by increments evermore
Boiling point does that describe it?

Grab grab grab
at all –
and whatever
Frantic pace – keep on moving

Sweat breaking

Into top gear
travelling at the pace of
the ascending rocket
Passed 54321…

What’s that, what’s this?
What knowledge cram – can I do next?

Epitome of fashion
Best of all the world
Material connivance
Sophistication a la contrivance
Illusions of grandeur
Creating an effect
Conjured up enjoyment
for momentary pause

Add more to the shopping basket
Get get get
Lust fulfilled

Best of stuff
Got it all – love it most

Relationship – I’ll have one of those
Short lived
Not on the wavelength


Time to slow down
Sit on my laurels
Ease back
As though to inject

Freeze and reflect
Freeze and reflect

Up again – don’t know any better

That’s mine and that’s mine
and “Take your hands off that…”
and maybe another relationship?

And here I am
Still living in this hotel suite
– the whole top floor

And here I am – an old man

And here I am – got the daily papers

Got the breakfast the way I like it
Every day the way I like it

Now it’s time to pass away.

No time for that
My brain
racing racing racing

Body go! –
body too slow


Grumpy old man

Humbug –

It’s cold in here
‘Waiter there’s a draft…’

Stupor…just stupor

Who said that?

What afterlife will it be?

In the jungle?

POEM 2015

Piercing like an arrow showing the way
Consistent impetus by night and day
Travelling forward and thinking back

With steely gaze, hunched shoulders and determined neck
Through the thick undergrowth with bayonet and sack
Almost sick but no time for that
Sweated brow and filthy skin under my helmet-hat
Trying to – think and link – with fishing days long past
In my mind’s eye the basics of fishing I’m trying to grasp.

But constant reality keeps coming back
There’s an enemy behind every tree, we need to check

‘This is the army’, so they say
But actually I am just daydreaming
and fishing on a sunny day.

Self Destruct


There are certain people who stand out in history as being literally ‘hell-bent’ on destroying themselves. They run swiftly to destruction.

They might well have sought help on innumerous occasions along the way. Because something inside them rings the alarm bells that warn them, they are against all reason on their chosen path.

Maybe its a pop star (doesn’t have to be of course!) whose performances manifest a deep, deep cry for help. As though they cast themselves on the audience to be loved and accepted and ‘redeemed’.

The public’s reinforcement comes with all kinds of reasons that are given as to why their performance is fantastic, exceptional, – ‘something else’.

There’s a kind of ‘don’t give a damn’ bravado that is admired, and reinforced by manic adulation from the crowd.

Who needs censorship, we are free. No rules, no obligations, no self-respect.

The adjectives could be heaped up both to describe their attitude and mind-set, and to ‘justify’ all manner of behaviour.

In fact leave us all to our own devices and we can justify anything. Anything we do, anything we say, anything we inflict on others. No travel guide for direction.

Yet anarchy – as in using the term in a limited way to mean ‘no law’ simply produces another law.

Humans will always ‘accuse’ or ‘excuse’ the behaviour of one another, so we cannot escape censorship.

All can become ‘a law unto themselves’.

Romans 2/15.
…who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them…

Who becomes the arbitrator, who provides the bench mark, who decides in the many shades of grey, and in the difficult situations in which answers are not easily found?

The voice of reason and conscience can become so faint that something else rules.

It’s commonly called selfishness, abbreviated to the term sin.

Those driven to self destruct, are often people (are they not?) who see the world’s mess clearly, and consider the only way to handle or respond to the mess we call ‘life’ is to give ourselves over to everything and anything without discriminating between right and wrong.

There’s so much hypocrisy anyway, let’s just have a blast.

Driven, running wild, promiscuous, addicted, confused, maybe all because you were not prepared to ‘play’ at life, not prepared to be half hearted about anything. Riotous living to an extreme.

Problem is – it’s your life. No one cares as you should. No one else is in your skin.

Sometimes we see it that those who have played the drink, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle game, gain through their pain, an understanding that it’s not the way to go.

So ‘Pull yourself together?’
Not really enough that – is it ?

Tear yourself apart, or pull yourself together.

– Or – cast yourself upon.

I Peter 5/6-7 : Therefore humble yourselves, under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time. CASTING all your care upon him for He cares for you.

Despite the 1001 reasons and multitudes of thoughts within you, that scream out your hopelessness, get down, get crying, get waiting, get looking in faith, get calling on the name of Jesus Christ in sincerity, and stay there until He comes.

Hey – I’m no Professor, I might look like one, but I’m not. Yet I truly believe that’s the best advice you can receive.

Im talking prayer. Im talking faith – weak as it is. Im talking – taking Christ at His word. Go for it!

Leave the place of self-destruct for good.