Lament for the older post

2015-10-11 14.28.39 copy

Lament for the older post

Poor older posts
Nobody looks at you

Just a click or two away
but they are preoccupied
with your companion
who is up-to-date today

They fail to realise
if only a moment they would take
They could be pleasantly surprised
and re-discover you – for your sake

What hidden treasures you possess
You had a hand that typed you
And thought life, that gave caress

Just a movement of the cursor
Down below – down it needs to go
Until it finds your neon sign: ‘Older posts’
Seems – yesterday’s stuff is not for most

They think only now is relevant
Poor older posts what is to become of you?
Once read – now uncared for, you have had your day
‘Likes’ came pouring into your world to stay
But now, right now – you’re a ‘has been’
You have passed away.

But lo and behold what is this I see?
A Lancelot in shining armour has
championed your cause
The curiosity of what you might be
Has caused many to stop and pause

Yes I think it’s working – older posts are ‘in’
‘They’ have wised-up to searching you out
No longer confining you – to their brain bin.

Let them have a look
Curious as to what they’ll see
Delivered from the horrible date tag
Older posts – older blogs – return and ‘be!’


15 thoughts on “Lament for the older post

  1. On a more practical note, I have been reposting blogs from a year ago or so, especially as my readership goes up. If the blog is of enough interest, people will read it, and this has been the case with those posts I have “resurrected.”

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  2. Funny 🙂 and clever, Ken. Know what u mean, they can lie languishing…though I do try and make a point of visiting some of those lonely early posts, on blogs I visit…hmm, think I’ll zip over to your blog, and have a peak. ~ Janette


  3. Cool glasses, Ken. While l’m here, it’s on with my glasses,🤓 (not so cool!) out with the pen, okay, my iPad keyboard💻…as I can see above, my spelling mistake! 😕 – it’s “peek” not “peak” That’s better. ✔️ I’m off to make a cup of tea. ☕️ Hope you have a great day! 🙂


  4. Hi Ken, think I’ve just startled your spam detector, my previous comment, which I so prettily decorated with emoji, has got an exclamation mark next to it…hope you can rescue it . 🙂 Saw my spelling mistake, above, it should be “peek” not “peak” … All the best, Janette


    1. Janette nothing of yours in spam – so not quite sure whats happening – been away for a few days got back to a lot of emails – thought I responded to your comments (all) so not sure were peak or peek comes in – anyway heres my cool glasses again 😎 – blessings

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  5. Was just a spelling mistake, on a comment I made here, under this same post. Had sent, a emoji of some one with reading glasses on, etc…any way, looks like it has disappeared. Do think those glasses are pretty cool. Blessings to you too. 🙂


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