What life will it be?


What life will it be?


What life will it be?

Fast paced – notch it up
by increments evermore
Boiling point does that describe it?

Grab grab grab
at all –
and whatever
Frantic pace – keep on moving

Sweat breaking

Into top gear
travelling at the pace of
the ascending rocket
Passed 54321…

What’s that, what’s this?
What knowledge cram – can I do next?

Epitome of fashion
Best of all the world
Material connivance
Sophistication a la contrivance
Illusions of grandeur
Creating an effect
Conjured up enjoyment
for momentary pause

Add more to the shopping basket
Get get get
Lust fulfilled

Best of stuff
Got it all – love it most

Relationship – I’ll have one of those
Short lived
Not on the wavelength


Time to slow down
Sit on my laurels
Ease back
As though to inject

Freeze and reflect
Freeze and reflect

Up again – don’t know any better

That’s mine and that’s mine
and “Take your hands off that…”
and maybe another relationship?

And here I am
Still living in this hotel suite
– the whole top floor

And here I am – an old man

And here I am – got the daily papers

Got the breakfast the way I like it
Every day the way I like it

Now it’s time to pass away.

No time for that
My brain
racing racing racing

Body go! –
body too slow


Grumpy old man

Humbug –

It’s cold in here
‘Waiter there’s a draft…’

Stupor…just stupor

Who said that?

What afterlife will it be?


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