The same only different



art student jpeg
Art Student (pencil on paper)

The same only different

We can’t go back in time.
Except in our mind’s eye.
As we try to – unfortunately it is often with little exactitude.

Nevertheless we remember the feeling state of youthfulness and anticipation of the future.

So the teenager, part-time visitor to
the College of Art.

What was he feeling at that time? At that time of trying his hand, at his first attempts, at working from the model.

Students hoping to make an extra few pounds, offered their modelling services.

Likeness? Pretty sure none was captured.

And yet the drawings represent a time gone past, when youthful zeal in it’s searching mode, was intent on finding something in the art.

I can’t see – as you can’t, that this was the same girl, – but I’m pretty sure it was. (What was her nose really like?)

(And one wonders what ever happened to her – did she have a life after her pose? Who was she? Did she ‘make it’ as an artist herself? What was her name anyway?)

The two drawings – meritorious only – because they are ‘of a time’ – nothing to do with the art – what they capture is in-memoriam.

Memory stirred by the pencils record on paper –

Poetically –

Feelings, ‘of a time’, when the oyster world beckoned – when everything was possible in youthful wellness.

paper and marks and marks on paper –
stuffed away in a dilapidated, damp smelling portfolio
that joins the secret society of portfolios
stuffed and stuck in innumerous attics across the globe
amidst the junk affirming years gone by,
and owned by the would-be artistic geniuses
who drifted into suburban lifestyles –
from clerks to family planning consultants – to train drivers and window dressers instead –

Portfolios that are stumbled on
to renew melancholy and considerations of exhilarated bygones –
with strained muscles pulled out from below dumped books and
explored and separated

and the chosen few finding their throne
of golden picture frame and mount –
now permanently –

newly displayed

Conversation pieces –
Talking points –
“cast your mind back…”
“you were with me at college…”
“remember how we used to…”

acrylic stiffened pieces of
hand labour
they thought their day
would never come –
Imprisoned in portfolio prison

they thought they would
be thought of again

when suddenly
the girl with the two types of nose
whose ‘bump’ never found it’s exact place
is the celebrated choice
paroled from the leather smelling dungeon

released in Mandela-like return
Wants to say:
“framed, framed at last
thank God Almighty I’m framed at last”.

…but I digress.


9 thoughts on “The same only different

  1. I feel similarly reflective when I look at “bygone” writings. I recently discovered that my former university has archived all of issues of the school newspaper dating back almost 100 years. I searched for my articles from 1980 and 1981 and read them. Like you, the articles didn’t so much interest me as they took me back to that time in my life. However, before I got too deep into it, I recalled the words of Philippians 3:13: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead …” Thanks for the excellent post.


  2. She looks like the same woman to me! I ran into a former nude model, (now clothed) in a supermarket! What a strange feeling! I often wonder what those models think about when posing, she treated me as tho I was “the one” Some people are just so giving is all I can say of that experience! 🙂


      1. We had one who had a terrible time of it, she only lasted one term, there was an older couple who had been doing it yrs, nudists I think! Then there was this middle aged lady, I think she did it for the cause of art – I think she wanted the students to do well and succeed 🙂


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