Hiding with friends

hiding with friends
Hiding with friends (Watercolour)

5 thoughts on “Hiding with friends

  1. Saying this respectfully – I find this slightly creepy. I view it as mother earth taking care of her children. This would be offensive to God, as “Mother Earth” is not to be worshipped. Again – comment is being said with respect and by no means to be offensive.


    1. When the artist produces a piece – the interpretations that others make of the work are literally endless – it has left the artist and now enters the minds of the receivers (viewers) just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, etc.

      So the freedom in art is to find in the work what you will – subjectively. Of course no artist likes to have his work associated with weird interpretations that their faith or held opinions would not like.

      It’s even possible that a little girl hiding from friends in a childish game of hide and seek can lend itself to other interpretations. (As you have just proven).

      Let me assure you I don’t know who ‘mother earth’ is – the earth is The Lord’s and the fullness thereof. I don’t acknowledge any ‘mother earth’.

      When it comes to Biblical truth however – the scripture is open to no ones private interpretation.

      As regards being offended please rest assured that no offence is taken, Every blessing to you and thanks for sharing your honest appraisal.

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  2. I like it. I wish I could get this close to birds. I’m very fond of the ones living in our bird houses or nesting in bushes near the house. Or that we feed in winter. I also love hearing them singing and chattering. This image made me imagine how it would be to get so close to them and not have them fly away!


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