I was thinking…

I was thinking…

I was thinking about this blog. Thinking too of my approach to blogging. Thinking too of my desire to wear (as you have heard me say before) different hats, when blogging.

All the ‘P’s’ (see my ‘ABOUT’) expressing my person, parent, painter, preacher approach. Thinking too of how I should have added another P – that of a Poet, followed by my conundrum: ‘What is poetry anyway?’

Thinking too of the people who decide to follow seedsinmotiontruthnart.wordpress.com.

A diverse bunch of bloggers, with equally diverse types of blogs.

All kinds of different personalities, some I never hear from or receive ‘likes’ from, almost since they started following this blog.

Was musing on the different accents of folks from different cultural backgrounds, it’s always interesting adjusting to their use of certain words, accent etc. in audio-type blogs.

Thinking too of some that ‘follow’, that I (as yet) don’t follow back.

Thinking of the fact that some things just plane don’t interest me in other folks blogs. I wonder if this is a politically incorrect statement? 😎

Those who follow this blog, who never hit the like button are surely not engaged enough or interested in what is being written?

No big deal. That’s ok. I’m not out to break the Guinness book of Records ‘Most Likes’ record. (Does such a record exist? – (sorry not really interested enough to find out).

What about you? Are you sizzling with blog ambition? Wanting to see your ambitions in the field of writing realised?

Can’t really say I’m pre-occupied with that goal. In fact though it’s nice to have a lot of people read our blogs, it’s also nice that anybody reads it, regardless of how many.

Then there’s the question of the technical side – those who start following we are told ‘will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations’. So does that mean that every time I publish a post – 126 people/followers (and rising) are being told about it?

The above statement would lead me to believe they are being informed. (‘will receive an email…’) But is it true?

Maybe you folks who are more into the technical side of things can ‘enlighten’ me through ‘comments’ on that one?

Is it some kind of automatic informing – or does a wordpress ‘big brother’ person control the ‘to whom and when’ in this?

I was thinking too – do you ever get the feeling that after someone has read your blog – what you have written is suddenly the subject matter of their next blog? (Or is that just my imagination?)

They don’t acknowledge this of course – but just write on the same subject, shortly after reading your blog.

Again no big deal is it? I mean they are not stealing copyright or plagiarising. If I’m a little naughty I might suggest they can’t think of something to write about, but if this was true – at least I’m helping them out, so that’s ok. But I’m not sure of this suspicion so it remains in my inconclusive middle drawer – you’ve gathered that – right?

There’s no copyright on ‘subjects’, – feel free.

I’m thinking too, like most have done, about other folk’s blogs that I like or favour most. Other bloggers usually follow this with a ‘shout out’ for those blogs.

Well can I, rather than do this, admit to missing (haven’t searched enough I guess) a good post on art theory, as in why painters paint. Open to your suggestions/recommendations, if you know of any.

Great to be able to start so many sentences with ‘I was thinking…’ without being concerned about being repetitive 😊

As I was saying… ahhm… thinking…

Haven’t had any interest from anyone wanting to purchase a piece of my original artwork – (as explained in my pages – it’s not what the blog is about i.e. setting up shop).

I must admit though, that the artwork I have enjoyed on other blogs, and hit like buttons to communicate the fact – have not (although I enjoyed them) motivated me enough – to desire to own them. So I shouldn’t be surprised if no one is straining to enquire after mine.😄
Perhaps you need to have a particular tendency to ‘collect’ before taking such trouble to obtain.

I was thinking too about those that I follow, but who don’t follow back – i.e. they follow my blog, but show no interest expressed in ‘like’ or ‘comment’.

Surely this shouldn’t bother us – at least we are getting something from their blog, and they are getting something from us getting something from their blog, ahmm – if you see what I mean? 😐

If there is no reciprocation isn’t that ok?

Well Mostly its ok – it’s just that an added footnote might be: one wonders if reciprocation communication enters their ethos?

And then I was thinking about enthusiastic bloggers, who suddenly are not heard from for quite a while.

For example how is marksshoesbyevamarks getting on? Does anyone know? Is she still posting? Always an encouraging ‘liker’. Is she still blogging? Best wishes if she is.

So what else was I thinking?

Well I was also wondering if anyone receives private (as in email) communications, of the friendly and acceptable kind from other bloggers? In which, conversations can be continued that will not take up reams and reams of ‘comments’ space.

Emails being a preferred means for ‘long’ discussions. Or is it part of the bloggers unwritten rules of engagement – that personal emails are a ‘no no?’

Lastly I was thinking if anyone would respond to some of my thoughts here – I’m sure you can help me out 😇? So I suppose that’s a way of saying ‘I was wondering what you are thinking…?’

Lastly – lastly – I smile at bloggers who hit the like button on their own blog after they have posted something.
Why not!! But that tickles my funny bone every time.😂

Oh yes…and one more thing – my post about the man ‘in the long black coat’. Well, got no answers to the question about what artist/what song. Guess people didn’t realise it was a question?


15 thoughts on “I was thinking…

  1. Regarding some of your thoughts … We have no idea what is happening in other people’s lives, so when we don’t hear from them for a while, there is probably good reason. Even if there is not, what can you do? Regarding some of you other ponderings … I have learned one major lesson from my 20 years as a professional journalist: thick skin is a must. In other words, I don’t ponder what other people do, I just carry on, post, and let it go. Trying to get into the head of others will drive you up a wall. I hope this doesn’t sound to flip, but it’s how I approach the blog universe. For what it’s worth, I continue to enjoy you posts.

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    1. My post is a bit of a mix and match kind of ‘rant’ not overly serious. But I will take on board your first sentence as good counsel. Thanks. And again Im inclined toward your second paragraph too. My thinking is not really a subjective but more an objective survey of sorts. Apart from a few semi-subjective points 😎 Just trying to get where the blogging community comes from. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I like talking. I like listening. The one doesn’t necessary happen with the same people as the other. (I hope this makes sense?) Anyway, I enjoy your art and I enjoy seeing what you have to say about life on this planet. So that’s not much of an answer to anything, don’t know where I am going with this! Anyway. Also, I did know the “man in the long black coat” was a question, but my answer is “I don’t know!” so I kept it to myself, but now, I want to say, I did at least know it was a question!

    Thanks for posting this – I liked thinking about what you were asking, from my own point of view.


    1. Great Claudia – love ‘doesn’t necessary happen with the same people’ – the reason I was thinking out loud on this post was to get an idea of what folks generally thought about blogging – not to get affirmation re: my own blog but as two folks have mentioned they like it – I’ll take that. Guess no one knows the technical answers – re: question in bold – which was kind of the first embryo thought that got me thinking about the rest. Thanks for your contribution.

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  3. Blogging is a big help to me a number of ways. I am at a stage in my life where I have an empty nest, and my husband is home. I feel a little lost at times. Then I think about that Bible verse, “Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God.”. I figure that since I just don’t know what else to do I will just read my Bible some and write Blog posts until the Lord shows me something else to do. So many of them are far from Brilliant, but I muddle along.

    You write really thoughtful posts. If you notice someone write on the same subject be glad. That means your blog post impacted them. 🙂



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