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What’s Happening?


(A Dialogue)

What’s Happening?
(on the phone)

There you are – hello how are you?
What’s happening with you?
Somebody said you had the flu?

You didn’t? – that’s fine, so
What’s really happening with you?
You haven’t the flu but you flew…?

Oh – I see – to where exactly?
Istanbul ? – what on earth…?

It’s just…bit of a strange choice for me
So what’s happening there of all places?

You don’t really know?

So what’s really happening?
What happened …or has been happening
Since you got back….?

You’ve had a sore back…?
Right…not so nice…
Is it very bad?

What’s that?

Only when the weather’s bad.


Nice day all the same.

You don’t agree? Why?
It’s the kind of weather that’s bad for your back.

Nothing much happening then?
You are off to bed?

Bit early don’t you think?

Oh…oh…of course with your back an’ all….
I understand…
Well – I’ll bid you farewell…
Hope your back gets better….

Yes – I could do that for you…
Pain killers from the chemist…?
Right. I will put them through your door,
as you will be sleeping

What’s happening on Friday night?
You don’t know…

…I mean if you get better?

You don’t plan to?!
But what are the pills for?
Oh….for your mother.

What’s happening with her?

She never says much?


Quiet lady then?

But you said she doesn’t say much.

She’s a sore mouth.
Oh right, so that’s what the pills are for?

Ok well, if there’s not much happening…

I’ll be on my way.
No I won’t forget the pills

Yes – as soon as I can

What’s happening with me?
Well, a lot actually…

I was…

….you are too tired?

Right, – well. – Sure give me a ring sometime and
let me know what’s happening.


Role Models Welcome

welcome copy 2
Welcome (Photoshop) KR


The role models are all gone
No one left to carry on

The idea of such is back to front
The ‘ideal’ – lost – made blunt

No sharpness or cutting edge left
Only self-seeking indulgence – bereft…

Of character and wholesome example
Genuine stalwarts with good intentions –
Virtues to reach the younger ones

Instead we have lunatics with guns

Egoists hanging on ahead
Filling their coffers with filthy lucre’s bread

But what will pointing this out do?
Is there a remnant of choice-persons
coming through?

Are there any to salvage decencies cause?
Is normality – permanently on pause?

Is there an inkling even so to be?
Any examples left – fortuitously?

Or will a ‘morality skid row’ drag
others down
To the lowest level to be found?

Is there light on the horizon and hope
– Springing eternal against hope?

Can we step up to the mark
Can we care enough to embark…

On restoration of father’s hearts
to children, children’s to fathers
Getting ‘Stedfast love’ – off to a fine art?

Love for the King of Kings
as into the kingdom we freshly bring

Those who don’t know where to look
Adults having failed, morality forsook

But arise
all is not irredeemable
Hold forth the Word of Life as believable

It will not return void
It’s power producing one accord

Hearts suddenly made alive to God
Clean escaping Ichabod
No condemnation to those who believe
A life forgiven and retrieved.

Role models what are they?
Role models what will they say?
Role models lining up to show
Role models all in a row

Genuine men – and women too
Setting themselves to be true.
Role models of a different kind
Seeing clearly – not blind.
Reaching their hands out
Standing firm with no shadow of doubt

Where are the role models
Do you care to check?

Role models welcome back.


(II Corinthians 1/19-20)

Love is warm.
Love is committed.
Love is all the book
says it should be.

…love is all you need…
…love is all you need…
…love is all you need….


Beatles sound
on TV
all those years ago…

She loves you
yeah yeah yeah…

Love is more than
yeah yeah yeah

But let your yea be yea
your nay be nay

either way

yea or nay

life is full of yea or nay

but I hope you grasp
the promises which are
yea and yea and
amen and amen…



Did they get Dillinger?


did they get dillinger
Did they get Dillinger? (Watercolour/Acrylic)

Where’s my donkey?



A Rapturous Time

a rapturous time
A Rapturous Time (Acrylic)

Let me make it clear…


Let me make it clear
If plain to be seen is not what you see

Let me manifest the message
Per chance you don’t know what it be:

‘Christ in me the hope of Glory’
I’m not a pantheist or Ecumenical

Not in the accepted sense – nor
a cult follower who’s Maniacal

I’m not into ‘all religions together’
Nor am I an evolutionist-type of fellow

I’m just plain Christian through and through
Evangelical if you must –
a ‘singer’ (I don’t play the cello)

I want to be normal and greet you as such
I believe we can be friends even though we disagree

But sometimes that’s not enough, because
You want me on board your religion (with tea)

Sorry we can never gel – that’s just how it is
No point in pretending I’m a Buddhist or some other ‘ist’

I’m not an ‘ist’ of any kind – I’m not a ‘new age’ person
I’m not a ‘fundamentalist’ – hope you get my gist

The early church message is all for me
To follow the Redeemer is my goal

To get to know Him more intimately
To allow His Presence to make me whole

To seek His Amazing Grace day by day
And to find Him – as He has found me

To be a follower of Jesus – the only True Way
And one day to be raptured – ultimately

So if you follow this blog-temple –
Wherein you will find all kinds of expression

You will misinterpret things that are written
But I have no control over your reading session

Just to let you know in the simplicity of Christ
Jesus is still looking for followers today

And if you misinterpret the art or the message
It is not my intention to lead you astray

Words mean different things to different folk
Misunderstanding – rampant on this planet

But the Word of God penetrates your soul
Dividing it from darkness – for those who rely on it

So again finally may I say
I’m a ‘Jesus Person’ – walking with Him every day

If that’s boring or uncool to you
And I’m not with your programme – what can I say?

Call me a closed book if you will
But ‘I’m all time voting for Jesus’ eternally

You see He has put me in the Lamb’s book of life
And it all takes place within – not externally

So if you think you have a fellow sympathiser
Know that it is – true and untrue –

I’m not with doctrines outside the Christian faith
But you can join me as we fill a pew

I’ll treat you with respect and hope we can agree
At least on the weather and how to make tea

But there is no other Saviour this side of heaven
If this isn’t your belief – well is that how it’s going to be?

So my friends in the blogosphere
Before you hit the follow button
(and you are welcome here)

It’s only right that you be informed
I am pleasantly ‘dogmatic’ (as it may appear).

I want to love my neighbour regardless of who they be
But I will not compromise on the bible

The words you read or paintings you see
They are not dedicated to any religious idol

They are simply expressions of faith and love
A free’d up imagination on the run

Profound writing on the word of God
But the paintings are often – just having fun.

So there you go – hope that helps your follow button
In case – I’m not what you might think I be

I’m a follower of The Way – Jesus person – Christian
Who once was blind but now I see.


New-day Life

New-day Life

‘It’s a new day’
It seems right to say

As it is 7 am
and not
the night before,
time to arise and
walk the floor
gain your focus
to face the day

it is prayer
entered into
by focused heart
and mind
– strength arise
after a night of
sleep’s unwind

faith –
faith all the way

concentration is in place
seeking and reciprocation

not meditation
on self
self leads to self
no new age –
in old age
send it away

there is no god in self

lifting on high
what is already on high
the strong tower name
of the Messiah


the Word feeds deep
to strengthen within

the secret place
of the Most High

‘what kinda sign they need
when it all comes from within’
so Robert’s song did say

Not everyone is ready
to go the narrow way

Howbeit in the spirit
we speak mysteries
believed – received.
sometimes – retrieved
after loss of way

for example
what vehicle on
foggy day
can – further go –
to find
the way?

must take
extra care
to make
the journey
to the road
of destination

and when fog lifts
and clarity is gained
remember the clarity
and what it gave

for in the image
you internally see
your salvation remains
(if first gained)

and delightsome
is the peace that is given
to those
who will believe

and go on doing so –

for those who will call
– they will be answered

Do you just for once
even consider these words
tripping off the tongue
with concern for your soul?

nothing to be gained for me
for I seek you
not yours

what material gain
(let me explain)
can make a halfpenny
to the short lived
sojourn you will make?

be quick to set yourself
on this new-way day

and seek the help

that comes
from above
to bring you
on through

the Son’s light
for your
– new day –


Food Fun Photo

food fun photo jpg
Food Fun Photo (Acrylic) – Restaurant commission

Watch out – man nibbling!

speak to me only with thine eyes
Two apples.



Foretaste of promised meal
Snack-bites of one-fifth ingredients

Meal not there yet
So why nibble ingredients
Before the masterpiece has been cooked?

Don’t know,

Man’s bad habit
That gets knuckles rapped

And reprimands – in humoured tones

Smile back
Try again

“No, no!”

Ingredients diminished

Bad (boy) – man
Laughter brings back to reality

It will still be cooked
And cooked well
This is a genius doing this job

She’s my genius and I love her.

I’ll buy her a chef’s hat.


Nobody knows you…


Nobody knows you – like you do
But you don’t know yourself
Nobody can say it’s the true you
When you keep things hidden on the shelf

The internal shelf of the mind
Where your baggage is stored
A wardrobe of un-ironed feelings entwined
Emotional history of being elated or bored

The all seeing eye is not what you see
It seems unreachable un-findable
But get on track with truth to free
Fall into line with the prophets

Hear what God has to say
You missed it – last ten times around
Crime against yourself doesn’t pay
Scripture deeply penetrates and is profound

If you will just search it out
Seek and you will find
Before you slip away or move about
Stop and ponder long enough – in the mind

He will arrest you on Damascus roads
Fall from your high horse to your knees
It’s hard to kick against conscience goads
Without faith – just admit –
it’s impossible to please.


Who’d be a painter?

HEAT WAVE (Watercolour)



So the paint will hit the paper again.
There will be times of



ponderous –

not going so well


another splash





yes – good shape

and another

and another

and another!

getting somewhere


what is this?

it doesn’t matter

because it needs another splash

here there everywhere

dot dot dot

new colour


shape it some more

leave it

leave it

no more


Hmm… satisfaction

short lived?

Who’d be a painter?