The After-party


The After-party (Watercolour/acrylic)


8 thoughts on “The After-party

    1. Yep I see that can be taken from the guys face (?) but as it evolved the idea of the little kid dancing with dad having their own party/fun with the wee one dancing – became the unpremeditated story. Thanks again.


      1. To me, I felt the – not chaos – but the wildness of the scene, and I get easily overstimulated, and especially at parties, which I avoid. So all this came into my thinking – because to me, a party is not really that appealing. Funny how we bring our own feelings to images. I do like the painting very much.


        1. Celebration is God given – time for everything under the sun – wholesome merrymaking is behind this bloggers intentions – not debauchery 😀Im a bit like yourself parties in small doses – and yes we all do bring our own feelings to viewing. And that’s fine – diversity. Thanks for your studied responses. Blessings.


          1. Oh no , I just meant the painting is very active, nothing out of hand in this party! I imagined lots of noise and music and people talking. A good time but intimidating to me ( I have hearing and seeing issues). I think you have conveyed celebration with the colors and the gestures of the figures, very well.


            1. I know you weren’t suggesting anything untoward – I wasn’t responding as though you were – I was just generally sharing what was in the back of my mind when producing the piece. So thank you so much for taking the interest and sharing your comments – keep em coming. Have a great day. 😄


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