On Screen


On screen

The cream coloured suite
was fallen into
cushion –
cushions –
gentle (covered) down

Legs stretched out
far as they could
arms went to double V-shapes
fallen on their sides.

fingers clasped
in familiar lock
behind the hairless head

Eyes straight ahead
were alive
in anticipation of
the rectangular box
now sophisticatedly built
beyond the decades of
it’s beginnings

But what would appear?

A favourite programme
TV show
you anticipate with
some kind of inner glow

Period piece well declared
Back in time – to those times

we go.

Joining with the good actors
and scripts
and costumes and furniture
to authenticate
the illusion

taking over

Good story line
no crudeness necessary

No ‘unbelievable’
No dwelling on gore
No corniness
No need to indulge
in the base things
even though in the plot


we already know about life
– what’s out there.

Let me see the talent
the ingenuity…

causing us
to think
to separate
to sort
to reminisce
to compare
to look for the noble
to celebrate the affirmation of life

what is declared?
what is the moral of the story?

we rest
and appreciate
the ability of
our fellows

Good fellows well met
on TV screen
with enjoyable yarns

who make no substitute
for talent
with exclamatory
gap filling
empty headed
four-letter expletives

just sheer ability
to spend an hour with.


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