Nobody knows you…


Nobody knows you – like you do
But you don’t know yourself
Nobody can say it’s the true you
When you keep things hidden on the shelf

The internal shelf of the mind
Where your baggage is stored
A wardrobe of un-ironed feelings entwined
Emotional history of being elated or bored

The all seeing eye is not what you see
It seems unreachable un-findable
But get on track with truth to free
Fall into line with the prophets

Hear what God has to say
You missed it – last ten times around
Crime against yourself doesn’t pay
Scripture deeply penetrates and is profound

If you will just search it out
Seek and you will find
Before you slip away or move about
Stop and ponder long enough – in the mind

He will arrest you on Damascus roads
Fall from your high horse to your knees
It’s hard to kick against conscience goads
Without faith – just admit –
it’s impossible to please.


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