New-day Life

New-day Life

‘It’s a new day’
It seems right to say

As it is 7 am
and not
the night before,
time to arise and
walk the floor
gain your focus
to face the day

it is prayer
entered into
by focused heart
and mind
– strength arise
after a night of
sleep’s unwind

faith –
faith all the way

concentration is in place
seeking and reciprocation

not meditation
on self
self leads to self
no new age –
in old age
send it away

there is no god in self

lifting on high
what is already on high
the strong tower name
of the Messiah


the Word feeds deep
to strengthen within

the secret place
of the Most High

‘what kinda sign they need
when it all comes from within’
so Robert’s song did say

Not everyone is ready
to go the narrow way

Howbeit in the spirit
we speak mysteries
believed – received.
sometimes – retrieved
after loss of way

for example
what vehicle on
foggy day
can – further go –
to find
the way?

must take
extra care
to make
the journey
to the road
of destination

and when fog lifts
and clarity is gained
remember the clarity
and what it gave

for in the image
you internally see
your salvation remains
(if first gained)

and delightsome
is the peace that is given
to those
who will believe

and go on doing so –

for those who will call
– they will be answered

Do you just for once
even consider these words
tripping off the tongue
with concern for your soul?

nothing to be gained for me
for I seek you
not yours

what material gain
(let me explain)
can make a halfpenny
to the short lived
sojourn you will make?

be quick to set yourself
on this new-way day

and seek the help

that comes
from above
to bring you
on through

the Son’s light
for your
– new day –


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