Let me make it clear…


Let me make it clear
If plain to be seen is not what you see

Let me manifest the message
Per chance you don’t know what it be:

‘Christ in me the hope of Glory’
I’m not a pantheist or Ecumenical

Not in the accepted sense – nor
a cult follower who’s Maniacal

I’m not into ‘all religions together’
Nor am I an evolutionist-type of fellow

I’m just plain Christian through and through
Evangelical if you must –
a ‘singer’ (I don’t play the cello)

I want to be normal and greet you as such
I believe we can be friends even though we disagree

But sometimes that’s not enough, because
You want me on board your religion (with tea)

Sorry we can never gel – that’s just how it is
No point in pretending I’m a Buddhist or some other ‘ist’

I’m not an ‘ist’ of any kind – I’m not a ‘new age’ person
I’m not a ‘fundamentalist’ – hope you get my gist

The early church message is all for me
To follow the Redeemer is my goal

To get to know Him more intimately
To allow His Presence to make me whole

To seek His Amazing Grace day by day
And to find Him – as He has found me

To be a follower of Jesus – the only True Way
And one day to be raptured – ultimately

So if you follow this blog-temple –
Wherein you will find all kinds of expression

You will misinterpret things that are written
But I have no control over your reading session

Just to let you know in the simplicity of Christ
Jesus is still looking for followers today

And if you misinterpret the art or the message
It is not my intention to lead you astray

Words mean different things to different folk
Misunderstanding – rampant on this planet

But the Word of God penetrates your soul
Dividing it from darkness – for those who rely on it

So again finally may I say
I’m a ‘Jesus Person’ – walking with Him every day

If that’s boring or uncool to you
And I’m not with your programme – what can I say?

Call me a closed book if you will
But ‘I’m all time voting for Jesus’ eternally

You see He has put me in the Lamb’s book of life
And it all takes place within – not externally

So if you think you have a fellow sympathiser
Know that it is – true and untrue –

I’m not with doctrines outside the Christian faith
But you can join me as we fill a pew

I’ll treat you with respect and hope we can agree
At least on the weather and how to make tea

But there is no other Saviour this side of heaven
If this isn’t your belief – well is that how it’s going to be?

So my friends in the blogosphere
Before you hit the follow button
(and you are welcome here)

It’s only right that you be informed
I am pleasantly ‘dogmatic’ (as it may appear).

I want to love my neighbour regardless of who they be
But I will not compromise on the bible

The words you read or paintings you see
They are not dedicated to any religious idol

They are simply expressions of faith and love
A free’d up imagination on the run

Profound writing on the word of God
But the paintings are often – just having fun.

So there you go – hope that helps your follow button
In case – I’m not what you might think I be

I’m a follower of The Way – Jesus person – Christian
Who once was blind but now I see.


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