(II Corinthians 1/19-20)

Love is warm.
Love is committed.
Love is all the book
says it should be.

…love is all you need…
…love is all you need…
…love is all you need….


Beatles sound
on TV
all those years ago…

She loves you
yeah yeah yeah…

Love is more than
yeah yeah yeah

But let your yea be yea
your nay be nay

either way

yea or nay

life is full of yea or nay

but I hope you grasp
the promises which are
yea and yea and
amen and amen…



2 thoughts on “PROMISES ARE YES

  1. Excellent, Ken. I once heard a preacher speak of the the Beatles’ song, “All You Need is Love,” and call it, “A lie born in the pit of hell.” He was referring, of course, to human love, separated from Christ, as being the world’s saving grace. Christ is the only source of true and real love.


    1. Well (in my view) maybe not born from a lie. Because – All you need is love! However – God is love – Love is not God.
      To make a god of human love – fails to realise the limitations of human love, and fails to realise the Limitless Infinite love of a long-suffering and Gracious Father God, who would have none to perish but all to experience His wonderful love supplied through the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind (II Timothy 1/7) – in His offered Salvation. Thanks David.

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