What’s Happening?


(A Dialogue)

What’s Happening?
(on the phone)

There you are – hello how are you?
What’s happening with you?
Somebody said you had the flu?

You didn’t? – that’s fine, so
What’s really happening with you?
You haven’t the flu but you flew…?

Oh – I see – to where exactly?
Istanbul ? – what on earth…?

It’s just…bit of a strange choice for me
So what’s happening there of all places?

You don’t really know?

So what’s really happening?
What happened …or has been happening
Since you got back….?

You’ve had a sore back…?
Right…not so nice…
Is it very bad?

What’s that?

Only when the weather’s bad.


Nice day all the same.

You don’t agree? Why?
It’s the kind of weather that’s bad for your back.

Nothing much happening then?
You are off to bed?

Bit early don’t you think?

Oh…oh…of course with your back an’ all….
I understand…
Well – I’ll bid you farewell…
Hope your back gets better….

Yes – I could do that for you…
Pain killers from the chemist…?
Right. I will put them through your door,
as you will be sleeping

What’s happening on Friday night?
You don’t know…

…I mean if you get better?

You don’t plan to?!
But what are the pills for?
Oh….for your mother.

What’s happening with her?

She never says much?


Quiet lady then?

But you said she doesn’t say much.

She’s a sore mouth.
Oh right, so that’s what the pills are for?

Ok well, if there’s not much happening…

I’ll be on my way.
No I won’t forget the pills

Yes – as soon as I can

What’s happening with me?
Well, a lot actually…

I was…

….you are too tired?

Right, – well. – Sure give me a ring sometime and
let me know what’s happening.


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