Talk Sport Instead!?!?

Talk sport instead!?!?

What’s your schedule for today?
What happened yesterday?
What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?
Will you be free from burdens and sorrow?
Can I say something – just in passing?
About life everlasting?
Some say they have it sussed
But in God they do not trust
It’s a case of – leave it to another day
Don’t have time to find the way
Haven’t a clue ‘bout this spiritual stuff
I have other things on my mind – life gets tough
There’s not enough hours in the day
My schedule is running away
Like a pony express rider moving on through
To the next destination – no time to pursue…
Incomprehensible philosophies and doctrines
I just need something to hold up with pins
A charter on the wall
A guide to get me through – that’s all
Some kind of settler for heart and mind
With all this work – I need to unwind
So ‘I agree’ – ‘I can’t agree’
Take your pick – that’s just me
I have not concluded on these spiritual matters
And I suppose you are going to put me right?
Well please let’s talk sport instead
Do you want tea or coffee with your bread?
As we sit together on my day off
Out in the garden
clearing my throat with a cough:
Can I just say nobody really knows the answer
To all that stuff’
You respond:
‘Jesus is enough…’


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