Mister Everybody


There he is –
Mister Everybody

His makeup is
Round and plump

His makeup is tripartite
soul and spirit – internally

He holds on to what he knows
  ‘This is my purpose…
  This is my consolation…
  This is my goal…’

  ‘this is my consternation
  is there not more for me?’

He says:
‘I will hold fast
to my only way
The only way I know.

And show
my belongings to all
At least to anyone
who wants to see’

Here I am
Mister Everybody

My makeup is long and slim
My makeup is – soul and spirit

My soul in three –
mind, will, emotions

Here I am
my contribution to make

My emotion says:
Love to the uttermost

My mind says: Figure it out

My will needs re-conditioned
without a doubt

My spirit cries out!
Cries out!
For what is behind the veil

This is where I differ
from the untold many

who do not have the revelation.
– If only they could see

their spirit is dead
without the life of God
Emmanuel – God with me.


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